What we're about

This meetup is for people who are motivated and determined to create their own realities and truly understand the art of manifesting. ThetaHealing is a modality that is changing the world and the collective consciousness. There really is no such thing as time and the perceived past, present and future lies in our energy fields or torsion fields. Theta healing teaches us to remove blocks, fears, programs, vowels, oaths commitments or contracts that keep us from accessing the reality we deserve, Through commands we can remove low frequency imprints, attachments, integrate lost soul fragments, talk to deceased loved ones, guardian angels and heal co-existing life-hoods. We are the universe. What exists outside of us also exists within us. Separation is an illusion. This meetup will demonstrate Theta healing and other forms of healing that allows you to be the author of your own story. Rebecca is a psychic intuitive with over 18 years experience healing physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. Everyone will receive DNA activations as they learn and appreciate the art of theta healing.

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