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Want to become a mentor at ReDI? Info Session I

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Interested in becoming a mentor to one or a small group of our students until July for a total of 6 hours (1 hour per month)?
We will present our new career support department at ReDI and give you information on the Mentorship Program.

With the mentorship programme we rely on support from volunteer mentors that already work in the IT field and are willing to help our students and alumni by meeting one or a small group of students for an hour per month for the next six months (Feb-July 2019).

What we need from you is:

6 hours of your time in total starting from February until July to meet with one or a small group of our students
Fluency in either German or English

We hope to create a Win- Win Situation: As a mentor you are able to share your knowledge, your experience with a newcomer. You can share your ideas for your company with a young IT talent and thus help them with their job integration. The mentee thus receives a direct insight into the German job market and support while finding their way to a job.
We would love to know if you would be interested in volunteering as a (corporate) volunteer.