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Interested in becoming a connected communicator? A more present & thoughtful person? Trying to address internalized communication patterns? Create emotional community & deeper connections to yourself & others?

I am cultivating a community space based on communication & emotional relating for masculine people to facilitate a pleasurable connection with emotional expression.

A few key notes that may help you better understand how I'd like to work with YOU and other people!

As a femme person... I've spent many hours frustrated with masculine communication patterns, and have noticed when I try to address masculine communication with shame based reactiveness, I end up leaving the conversation frustrated & my masculine counterpart usually feels ashamed.
As I've continued my own personal education, I've been inspired to channel a place of community & emotional expression. I believe that a big part of my social justice work has to do with assisting in creating supportive spaces where we can mutually support others, and that mutual learning is beneficial for everyone. By participating in fun, playful workshops spaces we all stand to learn & hold each other accountable.

A big component of socialized gender norms are based in PLAY. Play is a good place to start to access & grow with your inner child, instead of ignoring it.
Community & Emotional Support is also a big aspect missing in socialized masculine gender norms, so a big focus would be on connecting with other participants.

My background is in writing, coaching, relationship anarchy, pleasure & leadership. I enjoy creating a safe space for emotional sharing, writing exercises, and self awareness.

I'D LOVE TO JOIN, BUT I FEEL INTIMIDATED (or other feelings in that ballpark)...
Any life experiences/skill sets are honored in this space! If you feel shy or intimidated, I am here to help you try to find pleasure in emotional connection!
If you feel you would like to understand more specifics to what & how I'd like to work with you, please send me a e-mail to starlightmoonbee@gmail.com

This series is focused primarily on masculine/AMAB folks, but is simultaneously for anyone that feels that they will benefit. LGBTQIA+ friendly!

Yes, absolutely - if you feel you can benefit & learn from this workshop (I think anyone can!). As this is a workshop with focused intent on masculinity, I think it may be most helpful if you know a masculine person to join you who you think would benefit from this workshop & invite them on your behalf.

FREE to any POC/LGBTQAI+ folks! For white cis males -- trade, gift, money is awesome.
I leave it up to you, but understand education & time is a difficult resource to quantify. I usually suggest $45 per session? Part of my social justice work is DONATING as much as I can of any financial compensation I receive to Black women's charities. I pledge to donate 50% or more of any contributions I receive.

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The Art of Thoughtfulness

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The Art of Thoughtfulness

Online event

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