React Summer Party @ Cameo

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Extended to 3 hours instead of 2 * Outside Networking * Lightning Talks * BBQ Food + beverages * Games and more!

6:00 - 9:00 PM - Networking (big doors to outside will be open weather permitting)

Below is the schedule of the four talks that will be presented to everyone:

6:30 PM - “TypeScript and React” by Davide Curletti

Typescript- "Javascript that scales" or, as I like to put it, "not needing to open ten different files when writing a React component" is one of the fastest growing programming languages, but is it right for your use case? The most common misconception is that TypeScript only shines when used on large, enterprise codebases. At Cameo, we believe happiness and productivity are increased dramatically from day one of a new React + TypeScript codebase. To champion this, we will start by going through a few TypeScript basics, then focus on improving the experience of defining and passing around React props, and we will finish by writing typesafe API calls.

Davide is an engineering lead at Cameo and previously worked at various early-stage startups in San Francisco. His career passion is finding the perfect intersection between developer happiness, shipping code, and solving complex technical problems.

7:00 PM - ”Context Clues: Leveraging Context for Fun and Perfit" by Leo Thorp

Once upon a time, Context was a secret undocumented corner of React- the exclusive stomping grounds of library authors and terribly misguided interns. But for a while now, we've had access to a shiny, official Context API. But what exactly does it do? Can I escape Redux with this? Is "perfit" a typo? How do I misuse it during my internship? These are just a few of the tantalizing questions we'll explore in this talk, along with a confusing peek at Context internals. See you there!

Leo is a freelance React developer.

7:30 PM - “How to break stuff less: An introduction to unit tests with React” by Daniel Topp

When you think about writing unit tests for your code, does your skin crawl? Do you feel a sense of impending doom? When introduced to the concept of unit testing, many newer developers struggle to see the value in writing good tests. In this presentation, Daniel will briefly cover why we write unit tests and what separates a good unit test from a bad one. He’ll also share important lessons and libraries he wished he knew about when he started developing. This presentation is tailored to newer React developers but is applicable to a variety of skill levels.

Daniel is a software engineer with a background in math from the Midwest. He also likes bicycles and pop music.

8:00 PM - "One React Codebase. Any Platform” by Josh Thomas

What if the “write once, run anywhere” mantra was possible? What if a component library handled the different platforms look and feel? At Ionic we believe that developing for the web offers many great things other than just an excellent developer experience. In this talk, we’ll look at how we can use Ionic and React together to create a single codebase that can be deployed to iOS, Android, and the Web using a new kind of bridge.

Josh is a senior developer at Ionic and one of the creators of StencilJS. When he is not watching Moana with his wife and daughters, he is organizing the next Madison JavaScript meetup or thinking about his next 6 month obsession be it cryptocurrency, sneaker collecting or woodworking.