• "Building type-safe Apps w/ Hooks & TypeScript" by Adam Nolte & Marques Woodson

    Project44 discusses their approach to adding React Hooks and TypeScript to their Visibility Operations Center while still delivering new features. Learn how and why they decided to add TypeScript to their existing JavaScript codebase and revisited their application architecture with the release of React Hooks. Adam Nolte is a Front-End Engineer at project44. Marques Woodson is a Pluralsight Author and a Staff Engineer at project44 Directions -------------- ** project44 is located on the 17th floor of the Merchandise Mart building. Please use the elevator banks with the logo signage above directing to floor 17. *** Let me know if you would like to present a lightning talk. ***

  • "5 Year Celebration & Holiday Party" - Sponsored by Inspire11 & SpotHero

    Ballast Point Brewing Chicago

    Let’s get together at Ballast Point Brewery and celebrate 5 great awesome years of React Chicago, meeting friends new and old and toast to the future of React and front end technologies in general. Special thanks goes to Inspire11 and SpotHero for making this possible. Please reach out to them if you're interested in a great career working with other great people! ** Drinks ** --------------- Everyone will receive a drink ticket(s) for a complimentary beverage of their choice. Please make sure you provide your name and email in the popup when you reserve to qualify for the ticket(s)! ** Appetizer Menu ** ----------------------------- * Burger slider with house remoulade, b+b pickle and cheddar cheese * Mini Chicago style hot dog with Vienna beef hot dog, mustard, pickle spear, relish, tomato, celery salt, onion, sport peppers, and steamed poppy seed bun * French fries with dipping sauces * Pretzel bites with California amber beer mustard * House made guacamole & salsa * Margherita flatbread fresh mozzarella, sliced tomato, basil, tomato sauce, olive oil, maldon sea salt ** Sponsored by ** ------------------------- Inspire11 - https://www.inspire11.com/ SpotHero - https://spothero.com/ *** Note to Attendees *** Outside alcohol is not allowed at the facility and you'll be promptly removed from the event (and possibly prosecuted) in the event empty alcohol containers are found. Please don't break this rule! *************************

  • "Painless development with GraphQL" by Mitch Masia

    Pizza Hut Connect & Yum! Brands

    *** This will be a co-joint meetup with GraphQL Chicago. To keep things easier, we'll be requiring members to RSVP using this page. Thanks! *** Talk Description ---------------------- GraphQL is eating the world, but why? How does it help teams move faster, write reliable software, and have fun? In this talk Mitch will cover core principles of GraphQL and how his team uses it to power their real-time financial research app (built on React Native)! Mitch is a software engineer at EEON Finance. He's a junkie obsessed with React, React Native, Node, and GraphQL and loves our little developer corner of the world.

  • “Clean React Architecture w/ Hooks” by Ben Shaffer

    Join Ben Shaffer to discuss building your React app with minimal dependencies and clean architecture using Hooks. We will explore what Hooks are and how they can make React development seamless and light by leveraging built in state management with the useReducer Hook and answering the life-long question of whether to use Class or Function components. Ben Shaffer is a Full-Stack Architect at Inspire11. *** Lightning Talk *** "The Importance of Organization and Planning" by Jeremy Rawls

  • React Native by Yaro Engineering

    WeWork 515 N State

    How has React Native accelerated white label application development? Distributed features and applications often means re-work and duplicate projects, but by leveraging React’s core features we can streamline development and implementation. Using rapid feedback and development along with configuration, you can quickly iterate on features to optimize them for multiple sets of clients & users. Join the Yaro Product / Engineering team as we talk about how user testing influences our feature development, and how we use React to rapidly deliver these digital experiences. *** Lightning Talk *** "One React Codebase. Any Platform” by Josh Thomas What if the “write once, run anywhere” mantra was possible? What if a component library handled the different platforms look and feel? At Ionic we believe that developing for the web offers many great things other than just an excellent developer experience. In this talk, we’ll look at how we can use Ionic and React together to create a single codebase that can be deployed to iOS, Android, and the Web using a new kind of bridge. Josh is a senior developer at Ionic and one of the creators of StencilJS. When he is not watching Moana with his wife and daughters, he is organizing the next Madison JavaScript meetup or thinking about his next 6 month obsession be it cryptocurrency, sneaker collecting or woodworking. ******* Agenda / Timeline 6:00 - Networking & dinner served (pizza & beer) 6:20 - Introduction of Yaro by Vijay Singh 6:30 - RN (technical presentation) by Adam Shurson 7:10 - Product Design Process at Yaro by Chris Robertson and Joel Brown 7:30 - Lightning talk by Josh Thomas 7:50 - 8:00 Wrap up

  • React Summer Party @ Cameo


    Extended to 3 hours instead of 2 * Outside Networking * Lightning Talks * BBQ Food + beverages * Games and more! 6:00 - 9:00 PM - Networking (big doors to outside will be open weather permitting) Below is the schedule of the four talks that will be presented to everyone: 6:30 PM - “TypeScript and React” by Davide Curletti Typescript- "Javascript that scales" or, as I like to put it, "not needing to open ten different files when writing a React component" is one of the fastest growing programming languages, but is it right for your use case? The most common misconception is that TypeScript only shines when used on large, enterprise codebases. At Cameo, we believe happiness and productivity are increased dramatically from day one of a new React + TypeScript codebase. To champion this, we will start by going through a few TypeScript basics, then focus on improving the experience of defining and passing around React props, and we will finish by writing typesafe API calls. Davide is an engineering lead at Cameo and previously worked at various early-stage startups in San Francisco. His career passion is finding the perfect intersection between developer happiness, shipping code, and solving complex technical problems. 7:00 PM - ”Context Clues: Leveraging Context for Fun and Perfit" by Leo Thorp Once upon a time, Context was a secret undocumented corner of React- the exclusive stomping grounds of library authors and terribly misguided interns. But for a while now, we've had access to a shiny, official Context API. But what exactly does it do? Can I escape Redux with this? Is "perfit" a typo? How do I misuse it during my internship? These are just a few of the tantalizing questions we'll explore in this talk, along with a confusing peek at Context internals. See you there! Leo is a freelance React developer. 7:30 PM - “How to break stuff less: An introduction to unit tests with React” by Daniel Topp When you think about writing unit tests for your code, does your skin crawl? Do you feel a sense of impending doom? When introduced to the concept of unit testing, many newer developers struggle to see the value in writing good tests. In this presentation, Daniel will briefly cover why we write unit tests and what separates a good unit test from a bad one. He’ll also share important lessons and libraries he wished he knew about when he started developing. This presentation is tailored to newer React developers but is applicable to a variety of skill levels. Daniel is a software engineer with a background in math from the Midwest. He also likes bicycles and pop music.

  • React Summer Party @ TekSystems


    Extended to 3 hours instead of 2 * Rooftop Networking * Lightning Talks * Food + beverages and more….. Below is the schedule: Outside Rooftop ------------------------ 6:00 - 9:00 PM - Networking (weather permitting) Inside Conference Room ----------------------------------- 6:30 PM - "Effortless Accessibility: Why @reach/router won the Router war over react-router-dom in Gatsby” by Brett Haymaker In this lightning talk, we will discuss the important differences between React Router & Reach Router and demonstrate why Reach Router's out-of-the-box accessibility features make a compelling case for more wide-spread adoption within the community. Brett Haymaker is a UI Engineer @ Bank of America Merrill Lynch and an Instructor @ General Assembly in Chicago, IL ---- 7:00 PM - "Typescript in React: Why & How?" by Saulius Skeirys In this talk, we will discuss what value Typescript provides and what problems it solves in React projects. I’ll answer the biggest questions of what teams should be using and how you can start typing in React. Saulius Skeirys is a Software Engineer at Northern Trust Corp. ---- 7:30 PM - “Creating a Custom ESlint Plugin for your React App” by Kashyap Mukkamala In this talk, we will look at the anatomy of an ESLint plugin and learn what it takes to create a simple plugin for enforcing our custom rules. Kashyap Mukkamala is a JavaScript fan and has been for almost a decade now. He currently leads all JavaScript efforts at The OCC.

  • ReactJS United - Chicago * Milwaukee * Pittsburgh * Denver

    Progress has no boundaries, and neither does R​eactJS United​!! Milwaukee, Chicago and Pittsburgh are ecstatic ​to welcome React Denver as a presenting city for our 3rd ReactJS United event on May 21st. We know it can be hard to get away and travel to all the conferences on your wish list! So, we have put together a crazy fantastic line-up of speakers that you wouldn't usually get to hear from your hometown, each with their unique take on React. The best part is all you have to do is attend your normal ReactJS Meetup!! Learn, experience, and implement the knowledge you pick up from each presentation and don't forget to invite your friends! All times are in CST Time Zone. *​*FREE​ Beverages, local eats, and tons of great swag in celebration of ReactJS United! 6:00- Registration 6:30 - Milwaukee - "C​ommitting to the power of SemVer" ​by J​osh Compton 7:00 - Chicago - "R​eact + Ethereum"​ by ​Justin Schuldt 7:30 - Denver -"Custom Redux Middleware” by Sharon Kong & “Something about Hooks” by Ryan Florence Can't make it but want to connect virtually? Stay updated as we will be sharing a link for those who can't join in person. Thank you to our sponsor Seed CX for hosting us. We can't wait to see everyone May 21st! ** Chicago Talk Details ** "React + Ethereum" by Justin Schuldt Will you be ready to cash in when Decentralized Apps take over? React apps can use blockchains as back-ends today, and the demand for this type of development has just begun. We will go through a brief description Dapps, and how web apps can ease the friction of solutions built on blockchains. Then we will jump into the code, check out some Ethereum tooling for Web Developers, and initiate a transaction on the Ethereum chain. Justin is part of the Client Facing team at Seed CX. He has spent the last few years writing Javascript for the financial industry and dreaming about a decentralized future.

  • “Discover Financial Service's rewrite to React Native" by Steven Goff

    Ever wonder what it takes to rewrite an Android and iOS native application as React Native? Come and hear Discover's journey from ideation to implementation. Steven is a Mobile Technical Consultant who has spent 10 years at Discover, most of that time in the mobile space. *** Lightning Talk *** "Getting Started with Apollo GraphQL in React” by Erin Greenhalgh Learn how to set up a React CRUD app using Apollo to make GraphQL calls and enhance user experience. Erin Greenhalgh is a software developer at Reverb, a marketplace for musical instruments. She builds and maintains key marketplace features with Rails, React, and GraphQL. A Colorado transplant, you can often find her at the climbing gym or exploring Chicago by bike.

  • "How to Write a React App that (Almost) Writes Itself” by Sua Yoo

    “A dream of artificial intelligence is to build systems that can write computer programs.” - "DeepCoder: Learning to Write Programs" The more you code, the more you’ll find yourself re-implementing something that you or another developer has built before. You might start to feel a bit robotic — How many more times do I need to handle “isLoading” in my component state? Do I really need to write another reducer that just filters a list of stuff? How did I implement this before, and should I just copy-paste what I did then? In this talk, we’ll revisit what it means to write declarative code in React, and see how a declarative approach to your entire system can reduce repetitive code. Whether you’re just getting started by copying and pasting React code samples, or you’re a seasoned developer looking to refactor an application, thinking critically about declarative systems can optimize how you write code by helping you write programs that write themselves. We’ll cover examples in specific tools and APIs like Redux, Hooks and Create React App to highlight methods for reducing repetition like: * Abstracting away reusable logic * Using libraries that reduce boilerplate * Using code generators to automate away writing boilerplate And finally, we’ll touch on when it’s okay to leave in some repetition — in other words, how to find the right balance between abstraction and the developer experience. After all, we don’t have robot colleagues writing React apps (yet.) Sua is a software engineer at Telnyx, a cloud communications platform enabled via API that makes it easy for you to embed voice and messaging capabilities into your app. Outside of the Telnyx Chicago office, you can find her at the ceramics studio or cruising around the city on her bicycle.