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React IL Meetup @ Duda!

Duda Offices

Join us for another great meetup! This time we are being hosted at Duda's HQ! Agenda: 18:30 Meet & Mingle 19:00 Code Archeology 101 - Liad Yosef, Duda 19:40 Break 20:00 Next.js - Stories from the Trenches- Yoav Ganbar, Culture Trip 20:40 Raffle: Free ticket to REACT AMSTERDAM! The largest react Conference in the world! And a free Webstorm License! About the talks and the speakers: **Code Archeology 101** Migrating a "real world" code base to React is a slow, continuous effort. Looking through 6 years of code, we can reveal hidden geological layers from different web development eras. Join us in a journey through code, time, and architectural decisions. We will explore the process of migrating Duda's code from the stone ages of jQuery to the golden era of React, and the challenges we still encounter today using an ever evolving code base. Liad is the Frontend Architect and Tech Lead in Duda, in charge of its client-side infrastructure, technologies, and performance. He is a web dev entusiast for over a decade, juggling React, Webpack and Buzzwords@latest in order to always build the best user experience. **Next.js - Stories from the Trenches** "JavaScript on the back-end hasn't seen any major breakthroughs in recent years. But compared to the rest of the ecosystem's frenetic pace, many will say that this is a blessing, not a curse." - The State of JavaScript 2018. Next.js is the second most "heard about it, would like to learn" JS backend framework. At Culture Trip, we have been using it in production since September 2017. We've battle tested the technology. Time to share some stories. Yoav is a Senior Frontend Engineer and Tech Lead at Culture Trip. Computer geek from the age of 5. He has been working with JavaScript, React, Node.JS, Express.js, MobX, Styled Components for the last 3 years and loving it. Always trying to push new tech into production... See you there!

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