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React-IL Meetup @ Duda!

Duda Mobile TLV

Join us for a meetup at the awesome Duda HQ! Agenda: 18:30 Meet and Mingle 19:00 TBA - Liad Yosef, Duda 19:30 - Faster, safer releases for JS native apps - Elad Bezalel & Elad Aviv , Soluto 20:00 Break 20:15 Mobile @Scale With ReactNative - Lev Vidrak, Wix ****** Faster, safer releases for JS native apps - Elad Bezalel & Elad Aviv , Soluto Releasing our mobile app or adding new features to it, was frustrating. Someone would make a change and the build would break, or worse–we’d get rejected from the app store. This meant we weren’t independent, and we don’t like being dependent on others, especially app stores... This resulted in a degraded quality of our app and sucked the fun out of developing it 😞 We tried Improving our CI/CD process, but that didn’t solve the issue, and it would never solve the app store review part of the process. So we knew we’d have to “science the 💩out of this problem”, so we developed a solution that we’ve been using in production for over a year, and now we open sourced it. This solution allows teams to deliver their experiences while: Not going through the app store review process ✔ Your code lives in a separate code base than the main app, which gives you full ownership of it (development, testing, CI/CD, etc.), while making sure it doesn’t break the app for other teams ✔ If you’re working on JS based native apps (React Native, NativeScript, Vue Native, Ionic, Electron, etc..), we think this can help you, but mainly we’d love to hear your thoughts on this solution called Dynamico! ***** Mobile @Scale With ReactNative - Lev Vidrak, Wix At Wix.com we are building our mobile app with React Native from the first commit, we started working with React Native three years ago and today we are one of the biggest projects written with React-Native. We are 90 mobile developers, Scaling a production-grade application without compromising on performance and dev velocity, drove us to think more like an OS to allow each team easily integrates their module into the main Wix’s React Native mobile app. In this talk, we will start from the basic concept of React-Native, not forgetting the bottlenecks of the current architecture and the latest architectural improvements of ReactNative. Following that, we will understand how ReactNative framework fits with multi-module architecture in mobile. Following that, I will demonstrate the full mobile development process at Wix, starting from developer's push, through building process, testing and releasing the app to the stores. See you there!

[MasterClass] React Hooks - A Deep Dive

Autodesk TLV

Master React hooks API - From the inside-out. We will start by building a small UI library from scratch, that implements a familiar API for building components and hooks (A tiny-tiny React clone :). We will use vanilla JavaScript, no dependencies. Once we have done with this, we will explore React hooks in depth by a series of practical examples. By the end of this session, you will know everything about Hooks from the inside-out. What to Expect: - Live coding - A lot of Q&A - Having a good time Nir Kaufman Principal Frontend Consultant @ 500Tech Google Developer Expert in web technologies, public speaker and trainer, tech community activist ( ReactNYC ). Author of books about Front-end development, and the founder of the 'Frontend Band' - The first open-source rock n’ roll label in the world! Principal consultant at 500Tech, a front-end consultancy in NYC.

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