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React Knowledgeable is a fun and friendly podium to share what we learn about React. RK welcomes React developers of all levels. We push you to dive deeper into your learning by encouraging you to give talks on what you learn. Enjoy a monthly treat of fun talks on React, and share with us your edge of knowledge by converting your understanding into bite-size lightning talks.

• Propose a talk: create a talk issue in our talks repo (https://github.com/react-knowledgeable/talks/)

• Twitter: @reknowledgeable

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Link to event issue: https://github.com/react-knowledgeable/react-knowledgeable-talks/issues/9 Submit a talk: create an issue at our talks repo – https://github.com/react-knowledgeable/talks/ Logistics –– 🗓 Date: Thursday, Sept 5, 2019 🗺 Venue: HackerspaceSG RK this month –– This month, we have our magic girl @bokukage on a hooks talk about her drawing moon walk and duck walk on a screen. It's super cool you absolutely have to see this. We'll also have a mysterious friend (hint: you may know him! or her!) to join us with a cool sharing on the topic of open source. Agenda –– - 19:00 Door opens and chills - 19:30 ⚛ React this month - 19:40 First 3 talks - 20:15 Question break - 20:30 Last 2 talks && talks from the ground - 21:00 Go home

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