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React Melbourne - February Meetup

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200 people went

139 Gladstone Street · South Melbourne

How to find us

Enter from Gladstone St door

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Hey all,

Learn and improve your React JS knowledge, meet and hangout with fellow React Developers, and eat some great food at the HQ on Thursday 21st February!

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Cooking toast with hooks (Short)
- Christopher Grainger (CTO/Founder of amplified ai)

Everybody seems to be talking about hooks. Reactions range from heralding a React panacea to asking ‘hey what’s wrong with classes?’ In this talk, I’ll walk through building a simple toast notification system using hooks and the context API, comparing with some alternate ‘pre-hooks’ approaches. In addition to showing how hooks can be practically applied in a project, I’ll emphasise emerging patterns and some of the benefits I’ve experienced using hooks in production.


Up and Going with Fullstack TypeScript (Short)
- Basarat Ali Syed (Software Development Practice Lead at Australia

A quick intro to getting started with fullstack TypeScript.


Using redux-saga to make testing easier (In-Depth)
- David Johnson (Full Stack JS Developer at blacksheepcode)

Redux-saga and javascript generators - and how that lets you test your code without mocking.



Access to the meetup space for patrons with limited mobility can be arranged in advance by contacting [masked].

See you then!
- Jake