• React Native Sydney Meetup 2 @ Facebook

    Facebook Sydney

    Our next Meetup is at Facebook (cool !) Speakers: 1. Jeremy Grancher - Building Custom React Native Components React Components are the way to extend React Native to do anything you can imagine, and they are easy to build. I will show how to build one and share what I learned creating my Sketch component. 2. Alex Girard (@grabthecode) - Going full circle with React Native to React Web Space will be limited, and we will be confirming RSVPs a few days before the event. Get on the wait list to be in with a chance.

  • Deco - Building a better developer experience for React and React Native

    We are fortunate to have Devin ~ Live from San Francisco ~ to give us a demo and answer questions about Deco which is currently in private beta. Speaker: Devin Abbott - Deco Software Time: 30 min + Q&A Where : Online (Google Hangout) link tba Bonus ~ first 100 viewers will get an invite to the private beta of Deco ~ Description: What would an IDE look like if it were built specifically for React? React and React Native make building apps faster and easier than ever before, but developer tools are still catching up. An IDE for React should support React Components as first-class citizens, providing tools for developers to write, publish, import, and instantly tweak components. A component-based workflow will enable developers to harness and contribute to open source projects on an entirely new scale.

  • First React Native Sydney Meetup at Fishburners

    For the first meetup we will discuss the current state of React Native and dissect the recent announcements from the Facebook F8 conference. I want to get some input from attendees on what a great Sydney meetup would look like so please give some thought to that (there will be prizes. There will be an exciting announcements about how we will be part of a global React Native community also. ... and did I mention prizes ?