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Writing Forms (without the headache) and React Component Patterns FTW

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Sam L. and 3 others


Come downtown for food, drink, talks, and socializing. We'll be talking about ReactJS and related technologies. Talks/topics to be covered:

• Writing Forms (without the headache) by Samuel Estrella

Making forms in React is tedious. A lot of boilerplate is required just to get them running smoothly and most of the time the forms aren't reusable.

Formik offers a fantastic alternative by making forms declarative, intuitive and adoptable. In this talk we'll compare Formik with the standard React way to manage forms.

• React Component Patterns FTW by Sam Lindstrom

Containers, render props, SFC’s, and HOC’s. More like WTF!

React is incredibly flexible and component patterns can be difficult to grasp at times. The framework offers us some basic component patterns to get a product up and running, but what if we want to make our components more flexible and easier to reuse? In this talk, I’ll be discussing some commonly used component patterns that will help you better understand React jargon, and most importantly, to write more flexible components.

This talk is catered to intermediate React devs but will include examples for all levels.


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