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Designing in React w/ Sketch & TypeScript: JavaScript & A Happier You

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Sam L. and William B.


Come downtown for food, drink, talks, and socializing. We'll be talking about ReactJS and related technologies.

Talks/topics to be covered:

Designing with React by Henry Kaufman

Managing design systems can be challenging, especially when it comes to connecting designs with real API data. In this talk, we’ll be exploring how we can connect design with code, and create reflective interfaces with React and Sketch. We’ll be taking a look at the role functional components play with design and modular interfaces.

TypeScript: JavaScript & A Happier You by Anthony Accomazzo

Programming in JavaScript can be painful. I have had many days where I questioned a career working extensively with the loosey-goosey language. Then I tried TypeScript. A combination of Visual Studio Code, TypeScript, and Prettier have dramatically upgraded my relationship with JavaScript. TypeScript doesn't patch over all of JavaScript's flaws. But this combo has eliminated a whole class of bugs and - most importantly - frustration. TypeScript works brilliantly with React. You can assert the interface for components and easily trace the shape of objects working through your component hierarchy. If you're using Redux, you'll find it introduces some much needed sanity to data flow. But TypeScript can take some time to get started with. And TypeScript errors will feel quite alien at first.
In this talk, I'll discuss the basics of the TypeScript ecosystem and how you can get started with it. I'll then show you some of the most common roadblocks you'll run into with TypeScript and how to overcome them

1331 17th St, 100 · Denver, CO