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React UI Kit and React Fiber

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Sam L. and William B.


Come downtown for food, drink, talks, and socializing. We'll be talking about ReactJS and related technologies.

If you arrive after 6:05pm, speak with the front desk and they will assist you with entering the building.

Talks/topics to be covered:

Truly Plug and Play? A React UI Kit Review by Valerie Kraucunas

UI Frameworks are meant to help engineers prototype new ideas swiftly and seamlessly. With the modular, componentized nature of React work, it is an awesome opportunity to use components that have styling and functionality ready to go. However, integrating these UI frameworks can sometimes be a chore. In this talk, I will be grading and comparing a handful of popular frameworks for their ease of integration, documentation, and functionality into a simple application.

React Fiber: For Your Health by Hilary Denton

It's been in progress for over two years but, React Fiber (beta) is finally out! In this talk, we'll briefly go over the current implementation of React and React's reconciler. Then we'll see what makes Fiber such an improvement. Finally, we'll check out how the new implementation of the reconciler works.

1331 17th St, 100 · Denver, CO