Big Picture Perspectives: ReactJS at the Core

Downtown ReactJS Meetup
Downtown ReactJS Meetup
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CANCELLED: Moved to October 29th.

Come join us this month as we take a 10,000ft perspective at clientside architecture & universal cross-platform applications.

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CSR with ReactJS: a case study

Most commonly a ReactJS application is powered with a NodeJS backend or perhaps some other web server such as Tomcat, Nginx etc. Client side rendering (CSR) allows the frontend and backend code to be decoupled, and also heterogeneous. This decoupling gives rise to interesting use cases. In this talk, we will look into how we built a client-side rendered app that does not use a full-blown web server, but instead simply uses a HTTP endpoint that serves the content. In the context of this application, we will look into the motivation for using CSR, the design considerations, a few tools and techniques that might come handy, and finally some of its limitations.

About the Author
Deepak Parasam is a software engineering lead at SparkPost. He is a full-stack developer, interested in web development and distributed computing, and has previously worked at IBM and Amazon.

Developing Universal Cross-Platform Applications using React & React Native

In this talk, we'll take a look at the to discuss how to build a production-ready cross-platform application using React and React Native while sharing code among the platforms. If you're new to all these tools, this starter kit can be a great introduction to help you better understand Full Stack development and best practices for mobile and web development.

Apollo Universal Starter Kit ( provides a highly advanced starting point for your next cross-platform project. Everything but the kitchen sink is included with production-ready features like authentication, authorization, payment, chat, forms, internationalization, pagination, posts, comments, and state management along with all the latest cutting edge tools including TypeScript, Apollo GraphQL (client & server), Webpack, Hot Reloading for Server, Mobile, and Web, React Native with Native-Base UI Kit, Bootstrap, GraphQL Subscriptions, Expo for React Native, React Navigation for React Native, React Router for Web, Lerna Mono Repo packaging and more. If that isn't enough, there are also examples of using a Scala server and Angular frontend.

Eject at any time as the starter kit remains unopinionated about the way you build your next application. You have full control over all the tools and internals, with no patterns abstracted away from you. It uses all the latest libraries and patterns and is one of the few projects that keeps pace with the latest React and Javascript have to offer.

About the Author
Justin likes talking about technology whether that's the latest Javascript library or the complexities of the human system, everything is fair game. He spends most days writing code and experimenting with human tech. Every now and then he gets sucked into discussions about the deeper meanings in his favorite sci-fi and fantasy stories. So say we all.

The schedule:
6.00 - 6.15 = a little networking, eating/drinking
6.15 - 7.00 = Presentations
7.00 - 8.00 = Coding Fun & Q/A

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