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Hey everyone!

Our ReactJS Girls London April meetup will be on the 16th March at YLD offices!

1) Marta Fernandes - Software Engineer at YLD

*Functional programming with ReactJS*

Many people say JavaScript follows the functional paradigm, others say it is object-oriented. The truth is, it is none of them but it can be written both ways. The Object-oriented style is more popular nowadays, especially when talking about ReactJS. That said, can ReactJS be written in a functional way as well? Let’s find out...

2) Anna Bebb - Software Engineer at YLD

*How to score your first dev job?*

Switching career is much more popular these days than it was several decades ago. Software development sector is making it especially easy for people to gain the necessary skills with courses and tutorials available for free online, as well as specialised bootcamps. It takes a bit more, however, to actually get that first job as a software developer.

Ania (@AniaMakes) will talk about her job search experience after finishing a coding bootcamp; she will offer hints and tips, talk about the hiring processes she was faced with, and hopefully - with the information provided - help you secure your first dev job.

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YLD is one of London’s fastest growing software engineering consultancies building exciting products and platforms in React / Node for Trainline, Vogue, The Economist and many more.

The team is committed the open source community aiming to create a long-standing engineering culture and delivery capability in each piece of work.

YLD is looking for React / Node / Devops engineers to join the team:

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