A/B Tests with React and Declarative Business Logic

ReactJS Oslo Meetup
ReactJS Oslo Meetup
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Hello Reactors!

Ready for the last talks before your holidays?? Let’s do it.

But first….

Thank you Bouvet for hosting the meetup and offering food and drinks!

Let's introduce our speakers:

First talk

Declarative business login by Christian Alfoni

Declarative code is more readable, but what is it really? How do we write it and what other benefits can it give us? In this presentation we will move far beyond the boring examples of declarative value transformation and see how we can build real complex business logic in a declarative manner

About the speaker:

Christian Alfoni is a self taught JavaScript developer who loves sharing ideas and build stuff. Open source controls his emotional life. Spends the rest of his time with family and shooting bad guys in video games.

Second talk

A/B Tests with React byLars Dølvik & Eivind Arvesen

Split testing allows us to compare variants – typically an original and a proposed change – via a controlled experiment, in order to see how changes affect user behavior with regard to an outcome of interest.

In this talk, we will describe how we perform A/B-testing with an isomorphic React application, and how we can learn from it.

About the speakers:

Lars Dølvik

Lars Dølvik has recently finished his Masters in Applied Computer Science at NTNU Gjøvik and is currently employed as a web developer by Bouvet. Lars is a primarily front-end focused developer currently working on MatSans, an application owned by TINE, built with the React, Relay, GraphQL stack. Lars also has personal interest in the IoT Universe, about which he wrote his Master thesis.

Eivind Arvesen

Eivind is a full-stack developer that has focused more on modern JS in recent years.

He works as a consultant at Bouvet, and is currently doing development on TINE’s MatSans application using React and other related technology.

Some of his fields of interest include machine learning – which he wrote his Master thesis about – as well as web development, privacy, accessibility and human–computer interaction.

Looking forward to see you all there!

We will open at 17.30 and our talks will start at 18:00!

Attendance at the door is being recorded and only those who RSVP as "yes" will be able to get in.

Because of the nature of the venue and the limited space we *will* be taking attendance for this event. Please only RSVP yes if you're actually coming.