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Bonjour à tous,

Pour ce septième meetup, nous avons le plaisir de vous recevoir chez Ekino ( qui prendra aussi en charge la collation!

Ce meetup est aussi sponsorisé par ReactEurope (, la conférence React.js européenne à Paris ces 2 et 3 juin 2016.

Pour vos propositions de talks, c'est ici:

1er talk: Gaetan Renaudeau aka @greweb (

We can write effects without having to learn the complex and imperative low-level WebGL API but instead composing React components, as simple as functional composition, using VDOM descriptive paradigm.

gl-react brings WebGL bindings for react to implement complex effects over content.

gl-react-native is the React Native implementation,
therefore allows universal effects to be written both for web and native.

These libraries totally hides for you the complexity of using the OpenGL/WebGL API but takes the best part of it: GLSL, which is a "functional rendering" language that runs on GPU.

2eme talk: Vincent Voyer aka @zeroload (

We created two small fun libs: expect-jsx ( and react-element-to-jsx-string ( to help us testing.
We went through a good number of pitfalls and I will speak about that.