ReactNYC #9

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Storybook: a Visual Testing Environment for React
Christian Cho ( and Rocky Meza (

Developed and maintained by a community of developers, Storybook is a visual testing and development environment for React, React Native, and Vue. At Everwise, we use Storybook extensively in our development process. After this presentation, we hope you explore using Storybook in your own development process. We'll show you its benefits with a sample environment, which will be made public for you to pull and test yourself.

How to use React without create-react-app
Maria Campbell (

Maria has always been used to creating her own workflows to her JS applications, so when she started using React, she was not happy with using create-react-app. So she ejected out of a create-react-app application to study what was going on.s She will explain the process for setting up the basic React workflow needed to get a React application up and running using webpack.

Getting started with GraphQL and React
Tim Specht (

GraphQL opens up new ways of client-server when fetching data from a remote source. It can enable software teams across different platforms to ship their products faster and in a more maintainable way. This talk is giving an introduction to GraphQL, its mechanisms and some examples for getting started with GraphQL & React.


500Tech is a leading front-end consultancy in Israel and New York City. Need development, consulting or training for Angular, React or React Native? Let's talk: [masked]

At Enigma, we believe in the power of data to tackle tough challenges. By constantly expanding the world's broadest collection of public datasets and building flexible technologies to connect, enrich, and integrate data, Enigma provides the tools to make sense of the world around us. We bridge the gap between data and smarter workflows, transforming how organizations access and apply data to drive intelligent decision-making at scale.


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