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ReactNYC: bpOSxM0rNPM

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Ilya G. and 2 others
ReactNYC: bpOSxM0rNPM


Creating a React / Redux App Generator
🎤 Aaron Cordova (

componentDidGenerate - Almost everyone has used create react app before and for good reason. With a single stroke at the command line, you can spin up a new react application ready to go. But what about other tools such as SCSS, redux, or even a full-stack app with a back end? Introducing Create New App! In this talk we'll see how Create New App works, look at the code it generates, and highlight some key node packages that were used to bring this to life!

Building a Server-Rendered React App for Public Data Using Next.js
🎤 Abe Rubenstein (

In this talk, I'll tell you how I used Next.js (a framework for static and server‑rendered apps) and the Enigma Public API (free search and discovery of public data) to build my latest project, "Today in Public Data."

Active Record In Javascript
🎤 Matthew Chang (

Matthew will speak about the implementation details of a rails like ORM for redux applications. The case study will cover the basic meta-programming in javascript, the javascript inheritance model, and defining custom proptypes for react.
114 West 41st Street · New York, NY
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