(Not) Blocking, Akka, Microservices and Lagom!

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We have two great talks this month, covering a whole range of Reactive and Micro Service concepts.

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Rethinking REST in a Microservices World with Lagom by Henrik Engstrom (Lightbend AKA Typesafe)

Don’t block on it! Migrate your codebase before its too late! by Sujan Kapadia (Chariot Solutions)


Don’t block on it! Migrate your codebase before its too late!

Let’s face it - many of us regularly encounter (or may still be producing) code that performs blocking operations and doesn’t play nicely with new “reactive” libraries or fit well in the world of micro services. Most shops are either starting with existing code, integrating with legacy components, or even migrating Java code to Scala for example. In this talk, we’ll go over various “mundane” techniques to introduce incremental changes that can make your software “non-blocking” and “event driven”. While Scala Futures and Akka actors will take center stage, we’ll also cover topics such as functional error handling, monad transformers, thread pools, the circuit breaker pattern, non-blocking HTTP request handling, and briefly touch upon Akka Streams. These building blocks eventually lead to more advanced topics such as location transparency, micro services, and fully reactive APIs, but in my experience its necessary for teams to master the basics first.

About Sujan

Sujan Kapadia's 6th grade social studies teacher got him interested in programming and he’s never looked back. He’s spent the majority of his career developing enterprise and distributed software in Java for various industries. Sujan currently works for Chariot Solutions, where he’s part of a team of Jedi knights that get to wield light sabers and travel the universe. Two years ago he decided to power up and add Scala to his arsenal. Scala is spreading fast, and he’s used it for clients in telecom, e-commerce, and pharma. His current interests include machine learning, productivity hacks, and spending as much time as possible with his soon to be 4 year old daughter.


Rethinking REST in a Microservices World with Lagom

Many of us are doing microservices wrong. We’re splitting our systems up into smaller and smaller services, paying all the costs that that entails, but only getting a taste of the benefits, and the problem is REST. Microservices are supposed to promise isolation, isolation from faults, isolation from load failures, but synchronous communication means failure and unresponsiveness bubbles back up through our services along our communication pathways, undermining the promises that microservices offer. To realize the full potential of microservices, we need to stop using REST as our go to, and start rethinking our architectures to use asynchronous communication. This presentation looks at how this can be achieved in a practical manner by using Lagom; a microservices framework from Lightbend.

About Henrik

After graduating with a M.Sc degree in Computer Science in 1998 at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm/Sweden, Henrik has been working as a consultant up until his Lightbend (Typesafe) employment in 2011. Henrik has not only vast experience from various types of programming but also great domain knowledge within the finance, retail and e-gaming industries. Apart from his major interest, programming languages, he is also an avid Arsenal supporter, martial artist and a hobby wine connoisseur.