DIY Akka Persistence with FoundationDB

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Reactive Systems Hamburg
Reactive Systems Hamburg
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= Description =

Akka Persistence is a commonly used library for building event-sourcing based applications. However, its default implementation, akka-persistence-cassandra has some limitations due to the nature of the Cassandra database. On the other side it is possible to overcome those limitations by choosing a database with better consistency guarantees and writing a plugin to support it.

In this talk you will learn about akka-persistence and Cassandra, why this combination has several limitations, and how to build an akka-persistence plugin from scratch using FoundationDB which will not have the problems akka-persistence-cassandra has.

= Bio =

Nikita is Software Engineer at MOIA. Nikita is interested in distributed systems and data-intensive applications. His previous background includes building a container orchestration platform at Mesosphere (now D2IQ) and building event-sourcing based backends at Zalando.

= Schedule =

- 18:30 - 19:00 Get-together with food & drinks
- 19:00 - 20:00 DIY Akka Persistence with FoundationDB
- 20:00: Get-together with more drinks

= Technicalities =

- MOIA's office and the meetup space is on the first floor of the Stadthöfe. Use the entry at Stadthausbrücke 8. In case the door is not open, just ring the bell and we let you in.
- Accessibility: The meeting space is accessible by wheelchair
- The talk will be in English