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Join with Caution: This book club may lead to making new friends, experiencing great Chicago Theatre, falling in love with deceased playwrights, discovering new craft beers and reading wine labels!

Act I: “Read More Plays, It’s Lit” is a theatre book club, based in the great city of Chicago, home to over 200 theatre companies.

Act II: Each month, a PLAY (Yass, you read “play”) is carefully curated! Sometimes in our busy lives reading a novel a month can be a big commitment and to diversify the reading selections, we read plays!

Act III: A playwright uses many of the same tools an author of a novel uses such as character development, plot, dialogue (okay, LOTS of dialogue!), place, and mood. Let's delve deeper into plays by looking at them not just as performing art, but as a literary work!

Epilogue: There are no reading or attendance prerequisites to join our meet-ups, so this club is perfect for the new Chicagoan or the busy boss-babe!

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Slave Play by Jeremy O. Harris

Online event

A Raisin In The Sun by Lorraine Hansberry


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