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Celebrate Reading and UK's two first Car-Free Days
Car Free Day is a free international event celebrated around 22 September each year in which people of all ages are encouraged to move around the city without driving in private cars and instead ride trains, buses, bicycle, carpool, or walk. We are celebrating the birth of Monthly National Car-Free Work-Days. Join us ;)

The Outlook Pub (in Downstairs Hall)

76-78a Kings Rd Reading, RG1 3BJ · Reading

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As times goes by bcop22 acc; "Consider climate change in every action"~Climate Change Centre Reading (CCCRdg)

Join the CAR-FREE WORK-DAY BLOC on the 15th July to make the link between climate change and switching to zero carbon fuels. Put the climate back on the agenda ahead of the 2017 BREXIT aftermath and the November 2017 Fiji in bonn United Nations #COP23 climate talks. #PlaceCO2lutions

ATTEND CAR-FREE WORK-DAY BLOC RALLY AT THE EVENT Reading People's March for jobs, justice and the climate ON 29TH APRIL

Time To Act belongs to all of us and we’re really keen for groups, organisations and individuals to get involved and organise blocs and actions to make it your own. Please head to the website to check out ways to get involved, and keep your eye on this event listing as we post up news.

More info on travel into London from Reading will be posted here later.

BREAKING: Sustainable Transport Reading - You can now earn BetterPoints™ for not using your car! #MyCarFreeDaysRdg

BACKGROUND Anyone, please highlight our campaign for a Monthly Car-Free Work-Day in Reading and UK! The benefits of reducing air pollution are many and will generate prosperity to every community, all you have to do is sign and share this petition link in your network: (

Across the UK people are already building change – from divestment of funds which prop up the fossil fuel industry, to front-line communities fighting unsustainable energy extraction and fracking, through to those paving the way for a transition towards a 100% renewable energy future which would bring about an estimated one million new climate jobs in the UK alone.

Let´s work together to help achieve this, it will be an important step in solving and laying a just and fair developing pathway.

"Applaud people for taking any mode of transport apart from driving in a car by themselves, reward people for taking greener or more active modes of transport."

2017 CHANGE will honour the 2-degree Celsius limit as a limit to safeguard the world environment in Togethernessship ;)

Thank you!

[A regular car-free work-day in Reading and UK could fuel an International monthly Car-Free Work-Day which could be an astonishing example of traffic development and public realm. Reading has great potential to embrace the sustainable pathway and become a British role-model in climate change (the air is our all urban common) to honour the successful climate change #ParisAgreement of December 2015.]

#bettercities #resilientcities #climateaction #COP23 #COP23Bonn #ParisClimat2015 #TimeToAct2017 #MyCarFreeDaysRdg #placeCO2lutions

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