Experience the Power of Essential Oils: An Introductory Class

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Essential oils are a healthy, safe and effective way to manage many ailments that so commonly affect us on a daily basis. From physical concerns; such as cuts, burns or indigestion, to mental and emotional issues; such as stress and anxiety.

This introductory class is for you if:

* You’re keen to proactively manage your own health and wellbeing
* You’d like to live a more natural lifestyle by reducing your exposure to
common environmental toxins
*You’d like to learn how essential oils can support you and your loved

What we’ll cover:

* What is an essential oil
* How you can harness the power of nature for physical, mental and
emotional health
* How to pick which oils to buy and where to buy them from
* How to safely use oils internally, topically and aromatically
* How essential oils can contribute to a healthier lifestyle
* An introduction to the top ten essential oils that every home should
* A chance to experience the top ten oils

The class will be hosted at my home in West Reading (RG30) so spaces are limited.

The fragrant and fabulous world of pure therapeutic grade oils is waiting for you...prepare to be amazed by the difference just a few drops can make!

You will have the opportunity to purchase doTERRA's therapeutic grade oils through me at a 25% off wholesale discounted price. If you decide to start your oil journey with me and place an order within a week of the class you'll receive a refund for this class.

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