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Short stories and novellas are genres which have interesting qualities. The story, and the emotions, can be concentrated in a small space and are often uniquely inspiring, moving or entertaining, in part due to the condensed format. This club seeks to choose a group of stories to read each month, and then meet and discuss. The discussions can be cultural, historical, literary, critical, emotional. Stories from all cultures and all time periods will be embraced. My initial selection includes hundreds of writers and thousands of stories, and we will be open to all suggestions. I belong to the Russian novels book club, and the members are all interesting people, who listen as well as share, and the discussions are always insightful, informative and a real pleasure. This club seeks to create the same interest and atmosphere.

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Tolstoy - Raymond Carver - Machado de Assis

Piacere NYC

Once again we had a terrific discussion with significantly diverging opinions last night. And a visit to a jazz club after. Many thanks to a wonderful group of participants and friends. Our next meetup features the following stories: Leo Tolstoy - Father Sergius Raymond Carver - A Small Good Thing Machado de Assis - The Attendant's Confession (The Gentleman's Companion) Machado de Assis - The Hidden Cause (The Secret Cause, The Secret Heart) Below is a link to the Tolstoy story. https://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/t/tolstoy/leo/t65fs/complete.html Also note that controversy surrounds several of Raymond Carver's stories, especially A Small Good Thing. Carver's editor sometimes made wholesale changes to the stories as written by Carver, including changing the endings. The story we have chosen was particularly different in the edited version, entitled "Bath." Feel free to read both versions if you get the opportunity. The story is only about 10 pages long. See you all in February. Keep smiling! - Jeff

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