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Hey Friends! This is a private meetup group for us to plan and coordinate hiking, camping, and backpacking trips. Most of the trips I post will be to the Adirondacks, Catskills, or Hudson Highlands, but the sky is the limit. The only requirements are that we stick together, trust each other, and enjoy the outdoors.

Ok, maybe there are a few more requirements:

• Please RSVP accurately - Be honest with yourself. I'm going to make plans and expend energy to make sure you're accounted for. If you're coming, absolutely mark it a yes. If you're a maybe, mark it so. If your plans change and you can't make it, please please please mark it so.

• Please be flexible. As most of these events involve sleeping outside, plans will change with weather! Note in the events their reschedule dates and fall back (sleeping inside) plans.

• Expect events to cancel if there are less than 3 attendees.

• Sorry, but at this point, no "+1's". There are too many group size restrictions on trails. Happy to invite someone to join our group so that they can RSVP themselves, though!

• Be generous with rides! Cars are totally a thing. I can usually take myself +4, but please coordinate in each event regarding rides.


• If you're an experienced backpacker, you're all set. I won't impose restrictions for these events, nor will I be accountable if you're cold or hungry.

• If not, I have all the time in the world to help you make this work. Check out the following two lists to double check that you've got everything, but if you need them for more than a double check, please reach out to me. I will help and have lots of resources and extra gear to do so:

• Basic Requirements for Hikes:

Non cotton clothing, day pack, water: 2 liters, at least + 1 liter / 2 hours, extra warm/waterproof clothing, map / compass, emergency Kit (first aid, duct tape, headlamp), TP / purel, food / protein bars, sun / critter protection

• Basic Requirements for Backpacking Trips:

Non cotton clothing, backpack (w/rain protection), shelter, sleep system (pad + bag or quilt), water storage & purification, kitchen kit, light, map / compass, first aid kit, fix kit, rain gear, extra clothes, toiletries, TP / purel, sun / critter protection

• Resources:

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