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Welcome to "Readings...and More!" Meetup. B'rukhim HaBa'im!

We offer different classes and services-
Classes: HEBREW FOR FUN AND PROPHETS, an introduction to Hebrew specifically tailored to the esotericist.
TAROT, an intensive 2 day class on the Waite-Rider Tarot, covering symbols Kabbalah, colors, numerology, intuition, development, and actual readings.BROOM MAKING: Make, customize your own Appalachian Weave Broom! Class taught by Kat Porath. LESSER BANISHING RITE OF THE PENTAGRAM Learn the pronunciation, meanings, gestures, sources, and use of the essential ritual of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. MIDDLE PILLAR EXERCISE Invigorate and revitalize yourself, energizing the S'firot ספירות within you.
Readings: Tarot, Lots, Psychometry
Energy Healing
Creative Visualization, brooms, boxes, pouches, jewelry, Reiki-infused Wearables.

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