Our first "Cosmic Awareness Fair!" 19 January 2019 Olympia WA


Happy New Year, friends!

Readings And More! is making its first appearance at Carolyn & Gerry White's "Cosmic Awareness Fair" in Olympia, 19 January 2019, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM. As Carolyn and Gerry put it:

"Join an intimate gathering of Light Workers, professional alternative practitioners & vendors...."

Kat Porath will vend her signature Tarot bags, Keepsake boxes, Reiki-infused wearables, Appalachian Weave brooms...and more.

Murray will read Tarot, and/or Hebrew Lots, and/or Crone Stones©. He will also offer his unique, Kabbalistic energy healing (Kadmoniyot קדמוניות [Primordial] Lightning Flash© Healing), working directly on 4 levels of the Tree Of Life עץ חיים within you.

We look forward to seeing friends seldom seen because of distance.:-)