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Realtors spend a lot and receive lot less in terms of viable leads. Its crowded marketplace and if you do not stand out, it is hard to get noticed.
Current realtor marketing strategy is spending more on advertising for possibility of more leads, but it does not necessarily translate into more leads or business or your authority in marketplace.
We want to change that. We want you to spend wisely, spend less and get more for your buck, in terms of building your brand authority and your go-to realtor image by implementing easy to reach communication (memorable phone numbers, text, and web) methods. It is not by building websites, but building your authority and access when the prospect needs your services. That is only possible if you have
 Memorable phone number
 Call tracking
 Text messaging (two-way texting)
 Display ads on social media to promote your realtor image
 Property Flyers with memorable, trackable and text able phone number
 Phone Verified Local Reviews
 Agent Directory Listing (search friendly)
 Visible brand locally and regionally.

To learn and implement the strategies above, come join us in our workshop. Each workshop is only limited to max 10 Agents.

When you leave the workshop, you will have all the tools, including
FREE Listing (Get all the below for FREE)
 Complete CRM
 Email Marketing
 Website Listing with target zip codes
 Phone/Email Verified Reviews
 Reviews Requests using Text/SMS and Emails
 Flyer Creation (Unlimited)
 View leads in your target Zip Codes
 FREE proposal creation for Buyers and Sellers
 20 FREE Credits to buy leads
Premium Listing (Additional Fee Applies)
 Everything in FREE Listing
 Dedicated exclusive Local Number
 Two-way texting
 Call Tracking
 SMS/Text Marketing
 Text 2 Sell your open house
 Auto responders
 Keywords
 Website Redirection
 Analytics and Reporting
Exclusive Leads from your target Zip Codes (Additional Fee Applies)
 Everything in Premium Listing
 Unique Memorable Toll-Free Vanity Phone Numbers
 Exclusive phone and text leads from your target zip code/s.
 Mobile Landing Page
 Contact Auto Capture
 Display Ad creation and Management
 Display Ad impressions on Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/twitter and Google display network
 Complete Digital Marketing
 Review Management
 Social Media Broadcasting

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