What we're about

What We Are All About:

Welcome to Nashville's top Meetup for Realtors and Real Estate Brokers who want to master the art of marketing themselves and their services on the internet and through proven sales systems. Our Meetup is geared towards educating and sharing internet marketing and sales tools, campaigns, processes, and proven tactics that will work to drive more Buyers and more listings for Realtors and for Brokers. If you are a Realtor this is a must attend Meetup. All skill levels are welcome.

We will work to show you how to define your "Ideal Client" and then how to reach your ideal client through the internet and through proven marketing methods that get real results. We also focus on showing you how to create a great marketing plan for your real estate business. Whether you are looking for Buyers to work with or listings to sell, this Meetup is for you. We welcome the experienced Realtor as well the Realtors just getting started. We make the information we share simple for everyone to understand and implement. Let us show you how to create a great Realtor marketing strategy that anyone can implement to drive more leads and increase your success!

Just Some of Our Meetup Topics:

* Creating Your Internet Marketing Strategy for Your Real Estate Business
* Defining Your Ideal Customer
* Website Opportunities & Best Practices
* How to Be Found on Local Search
* Working With Google Business Listings
* Creating Relevance On Google & How to Stand Out & Be Found
* Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)
* Great Content Creation (blogs, articles, photos, video, podcast, etc.)
* E-Mail Marketing (How to grow relationships through e-mail)
* Mobile Phone Marketing
* Using Video To Grow Your Success
* Business Networking Groups & How to Network Your Way to Success
* Selling FSBOs
* Generating Your Own Real Estate Leads (without having to pay)
* How to Get More Listings Through Internet Marketing
* Getting Buyers Finding You

What Makes This Meetup Worthwhile:

What makes this Meetup so unique is that the entire focus is helping Realtors and Brokers get more sales productivity in less time by using proven marketing and sales techniques that really work. The real estate industry is competitive. Let us show you how to develop systems to generate buyers and sellers through smart internet marketing and sales techniques. Become self sufficient in getting your own real estate leads without having to pay for them. Come to our Meetup, and find out how to take your real estate business to the next level and have your best year ever.

Why We Started This Meetup for Realtors & Brokers:

I started this because I am the CEO of a top national digital marketing agency. One of our key focus areas is helping professionals in the real estate industry grow their business through internet marketing. We have had amazing success. Looking forward to exploring the real estate internet marketing and sale success with everybody.” We can't wait to see you there!

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