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As Spike walked into the room, he saw... things. Things a person should not see. Roaches galore, dead animals, rotting things no longer discernible to the naked eye as the forms they once were.

There was feces on the ground, in bags, and tiny trail marks of droppings from various bugs and animals from lord only knows how long ago.

There was a stench of regret hanging in the air, broken dreams, and cat pee....

This place was PERFECT!!!!!

There was money to be made there! And Spike did. And it was good...
If you have ever endured a similar scenario, then you too, might be a real estate investor. Though all deals do not have to be this way, many of them are.

And we will talk about them all! And how to profit from them, build long term wealth, and have a lot of fun.

The RICH club is for those in the entertainment industry who are also interested in real estate investing. This is for networking on two fronts for a common goal.

This is a positive space of belief, execution, and support for investing in all forms of real estate. We share ideas and deals here. You will find friends, partners, and like minded individuals on a similar trajectory.

Real estate investment is a powerful tool for creating the kind of life you want and deserve. So let's get together, network, and find common ground in our chosen fields.

So we can all move forward and upward together.

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