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This meetup is for anyone who is in Real Estate Sales Business or anyone who would be interested in getting into the same.

The Real Estate industry is the most resilient industry compared to any other industry out there. The real estate industry has lived through it all and keeps coming out victorious. Come what may, the real estate industry, will continue to not just survive but also grow.

Join this group if you want to start a Real Estate Consultancy Business from scratch or grow your existing business to new heights that you would have never thought possible.

It is only the skilled that will survive in this new world. So why not get skilled in the industry that is the highest contributor to the GDP of the country.

There is always going to be a demand for housing, irrespective of market conditions. Because housing demand is a need based.

Which means that if you are in the Real Estate Sales Business you really never need to worry about customers if only you can follow these points below:

1. You are skilled

2. You are organized

3. You have a system in place

4. You are using processes

5. You are following some principles

6. You are using the power of the digital age to automate your business

This group is all about how you can achieve success in the Real Estate Sales Business.

My mission is to empower Real Estate Sales professionals with the collective abilities to make the Real Estate Industry more professional, efficient, and life changing the better.

My name is Leo Rodrigues and I am your host and I look forward to meeting you all.

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