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Thank you in advance for your time and consideration, we look forward to your membership!

Our group is designed to help investors build wealth and passive income through real estate. We cover a variety of topics in our meetups from investment strategy to actual deal flow. Although we're located in Denver we focus on markets and property across the country.

Our goal is to empower those looking to change their lives for the better through real estate. We believe transformation doesn't happen in isolation and encourage all our members to ask questions and share information, tools, and resources between one another. Feel free to start new discussions as you feel necessary!

Ed Prather (303) 870 4749 Ed@EdgeRealty.co

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Take a look at this new Aurora Wholesale
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CASHFLOW CASHFLOW CASHFLOW!!! 18021 E. Kentucky AURORA, CO 80017 $85,500 3 BEDROOM 2 BATHROOM 1100sqft Average rent for this unit is $1100/month!!! CAN CLOSE QUICK VISIT: WWW.EQUITYWHOLESALEDEALS.COM for details Cash Or Hard Money Only Call Us Directly at: (720)[masked] Or Email: [masked]

April Meeting/raising millions of dollars from Private Lenders!
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Hello Everyone! Check out this video on YouTube: How to Raise Private Money to Invest in Real Estate - Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYUS8aIQDsg&feature=youtube_gdata_player http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYUS8aIQDsg&feature=youtube_gdata_player Two Items! Free Webinar This Tuesday Night! And an April Meeting! How about raising millions of dollars from Private Lenders? Which I have done! Can we get more communication about setting a date for an April meeting? Thank you Ross! For our location! 8101 East Belleview Ave Suite F Denver, CO 80237 Do we have any experienced Real Estate Agents? Lenders? Wholesalers? Attorneys? Landlords? Rehabbers? Hard Money Lenders? or just someone who you can suggest as a good speaker for our group? If no one else is lined up as a speaker, I can do it for now, I have closed about 200 deals, without having a job, or using my money or credit... I have done every form of creative finance: wholesale, seller finance, Notes, Subject to, lease-options, private lenders, hard money lenders, joint ventures, rehabs, rentals, short sales, land trusts, master at negotiation, (have had sellers pay me to buy their house, and got zero interest, and zero payments, and more...) (I just closed a deal with a $43,000 pay day, using none of my money, Or any bank financing, and have not had a job since 1988) and now am doing apartment complexes... with plans to do more... There is a LOT that you could learn, and network, and do.... we just need YOUR Input! SO please speak up! Thank you, Mark [masked] Breakfast? Lunch? Or Dinner? Weekday? Or Weekend? Where? What part of town? Help provide a location please! :) Have a topic? Networking? Deals? Finding Deals? Raising Money? Building Your Power Team? Your Goals for 2014? Transition from houses to Apartments? Buying Notes? Or anything else? Please speak up! The Formula for Failure and Success By Jim Rohn Failure is not a single, cataclysmic event. We do not fail overnight. Failure is the inevitable result of an accumulation of poor thinking and poor choices. To put it more slowly, failure is nothing more than a few errors in judgment repeated every day. Now why would someone make an error in judgment and then be so foolish as to repeat it every day? The answer is because he or she does not think that it matters.

SEC rules for marketing, advertising, promoting, raising money
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This might be done as a national webinar with an SEC attorney I know, Since it is not worth his time to show up for a small group. My San Francisco group has grown from less than 400 to over 600 members, (however the difference is, I found people willing to help with the group there) So we have both live meetings, and conference calls and webinars every month. I fly to San Francisco and Seattle every month for our live meetings there. Hello Everyone: Warning for all members about SEC rules which do NOT allow you to advertise publicly to strangers! Please confirm that you have received, read, and understand this message: We will be posting about SEC rules regarding advertising and soliciting publicly for investors: (as well as have an SEC attorney speak to our group on this topic) It is NOT allowed by the SEC. This group and organizer will NOT be a part of it, And it is grounds for immediate removal from this group! (as well as reporting you, your company and your advertising directly to the SEC, and the state of Texas! Raising money, pooling money, ANY Kind of marketing, advertising, promoting of a Security is Highly Regulated, and Ignorance or Inexperience is No Excuse. As an Apartment Investor, I am a "Deal Sponsor" and I am well aware of the laws and rules, And you are your company must be as well. You are required by law, to have a (Pre-existing relationship) This is done over time, through appropriate networking (which is allowed, done correctly) which is what this group is about, networking and education. We had a new member, who I doubt has any intention of attending one of our meetings in Denver who lives far enough away, that their only intention is to promote their business, without giving anything to the group: Here is their post, with the company name removed: "Our company" currently features 50 real estate deals on their website that are looking for investors. Sign up for a FREE account and get into contact with deal sponsors today! This is NOT allowed in this group: this is all about using Internet marketing to build their list, Without attended any of our meetings, or contributing anything to the group, they are only here to take. There is no networking here: This is a commercial endeavor, Way beyond networking, Openly advertising publicly for accredited investors is NOT allowed by the SEC, And I suggest that you speak with your legal department before taking any further action. Such actions, in violation of SEC rules, can result in your being removed from the group. And reported to the SEC for violation of state or federal laws, and both you, and your company can be held liable. Thank you for understanding, Mark, Group Organizer[masked] (text is best)

FREE Training! Big Profits in Small Apartments!
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We are working on dates for both notes and apartments.... Multi-family investing can appear to be very intimidating at first glance until you realize that this is the way to go for more safety and bigger cashflow. (working on dates for this) Our upcoming speaker, Tom, is no stranger to due diligence when it comes down to small apartments and note buying. Tom graduated from Texas A&M University in Commerce with a degree in Economics and Finance. An emphasis in economics and finance made a perfect match for entering the field of real estate and financing. Tom began his real estate career in the 1980's in the complex field of exchanging real estate. It was here where Tom was introduced into area of creative financing and real estate notes. Investing in real estate for almost a quarter of a century, Tom is well versed in "no money" techniques, and creative financing. He is well known for sharing his knowledge freely. Tom got his first note education from John Berven in 1980. In his class were such notables as Robert Allen and John Behle. Tom learned from the best, with the best. Because of his no nonsense, creative techniques, Tom receives calls nationwide asking for his advice and expertise. Tom is a sought after speaker and writer, who teaches powerful, "money in your pocket" methods of acquiring and disposing of real estate. His specialty is owner finance notes, and applying the wonders of time value of money as a practical vehicle for creating wealth. Tom is famous for turning "poor quality" notes into astronomical yields, and his ability to satisfy both the buyers' and sellers' needs through owner financing. Buying apartments has a learning curve much different than single family residences. Tom’s presentation will give you a good overview of the “in’s and out’s” of buying apartments. Here is part of what you will discover: How to locate great small apartment deals from 5-100 units. What is an APOD and why you MUST know how to properly input the data What is NOI and why this MUST be correct What is a Cap Rate How to Determine Exactly What You Will Pay for the an Apartment 2 Traps to avoid Due diligence you MUST not Omit What makes a deal a deal. Where to get funding for your apartment deal. How to structure your deal with owner financing The top methods for getting into these deals and profiting immediately Plus much, much more. Join Tom for this informative presentation. Bring your questions and comments. ///// This will be considerably different than what Brad will taught in his FREE Webinar. Brad's very first complex was 32 units. He bought a second one, (38 units? Not sure?) he made over a million dollars in three years on those two deals. (He rolled ALL of the profit over in a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange into more and larger deals in Dallas) he now controls over 1,000 units in Dallas. //// I will have another one of my experts speak on this topic. I have another man (Tom) from Dallas who has a specialty in smaller complexes. I done a few, and I continue to learn. More to come about this.

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