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Acceleration Strategies for Capital + IRAs : Flips + Land Development
Join expert investors, Dima Suslikov and Tatiana Gershanovich of Sound Housing and expert investor / developer, James Doerfel, on discussions of Flips and Development in Real Estate. James, Dima and Tatiana have a lot of experience to share as they have a vast portfolio of projects including lease options, flips, rentals, multi-family and new constructions including SFRs, Townhome / Rowhouse developments, multi-family complexes and subdivisions. While we try to tackle different subjects on different weeks - we keep it to Questions + Answers Format and we switch from Flips + Development topics to any other topics that are of interest. Some of the topics that we'd be happy to cover - as ideas : • Land Analysis. • New Construction Approaches. • Maximizing utilization of land (maximizing Structure / Lot Line Adjustments). • Using your self-directed IRA to flip. • Using your self-directed IRA to develop land. • Building curb appeal. • Designing your flip. • Estimating your rehab. • Budgeting your rehab. • Project management tools. • Contract documents including scope of work, material specifications, invitation to bid, and change orders. • Questions on Permits. • How to work with designers & specialty contractors. • How to negotiate with contractors and subcontractors. • And anything else anybody wants to chat on! If you feel OK with sharing a deal or land you are looking at in front of the group - we would be happy to analyze it for everybody. If you have specific questions or topics that you'd like us to touch on, please, submit those when you RSVP or you can put them in the comment section below. Looking forward to seeing everybody!

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What we're about

• Are you looking to flip, build or wholesale Real Estate in the Greater Seattle Area or Eastside? Or are you a passive investor looking to put your Capital / IRA to work?

We launched our workshops for very simple reason - because we wished that we had a resource like this when we were just starting out in the field of Real Estate Investing. A place to be able to ask questions and learn from successful LOCAL investors, who would be willing to share without a sales pitch.

In our Question / Answer format workshop, we go into many subjects of Real Estate Investing including advanced strategies and tips that are only learned through experience. We explore the subject of IRA and strategies on building a more secure portfolio.

We are a small group - Dima Suslikov and Tatiana Gershanovich of Sound Housing (to learn more visit ( and - and we are always happy to share our extensive experience with many flips and developments in Seattle, Eastside, and other areas around.

Frequently, we are be joined by our friend + expert investor, James Doerfel. In 2009, James was building and directing a real estate acquisitions team at Fairplay Funding. He was a founding member of Caliber Real Estate and a co-founder at Capture Realty where he continued to build and direct acquisitions teams. In While at Fairplay, Caliber, and Capture James spearheaded acquisitions initiatives for regional, national and international funds - accounting for over 1,800 purchase transactions. He is an investor who's partnered on over 150 flip, rental and development acquisitions, and he's assigned over 200 contracts. James is a wealth of knowledge on many subjects of Real Estate.

Together, through a lot of hands-on experience, we have come to belief of working with Real Estate utilizing a Portfolio-based approach. This means balancing your Risk, Return, and Time. We talk about this approach frequently - as it's something everybody needs to keep in mind. All of our discussions and workshops are really based around the THREE basic strategies in Real Estate, which are :

• Preservation Strategies - We talk about having about putting a portion of your capital to to lower risk / lower return strategies. This includes subjects like investing in performing Notes and working with lower-risk funds.

• Cashflow or Accumulation Strategies - We discuss strategies of allocating your capital to balanced / medium return strategies. This includes subjects like cashflow properties, BRRRR strategies, creative financing (on both acquisition and sale) - where you mainly focus on having a monthly check with upside of equity / appreciation over time.

• Acceleration Strategies - We go deep into many subjects on this topic - including Flipping and New Construction - where most people tend to put most if not all of their money. This is the riskiest of the strategies but also has upside of great returns.

Based on many requests from flippers and wholesalers, we now hold frequent workshops. We frequently have other experts join us in other fields including Attorneys, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Agents, etc.

See you there!

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