What we're about

REAL is eating where the international communities of New York eat when they want a taste of home.

REAL is eating what they eat.

REAL is taking your senses on an adventure around the globe without leaving New York City.

REAL is supporting small restaurants. All bills will be paid the old-fashioned way, cash only.

REAL is being yourself. Talk about food. Talk about work. Talk about love. Talk about the world. Talk about anything. Just keep it real. But don't forget to laugh your ass off.

REAL is not a Fear Factor challenge. We will not be eating spicy frog buttocks or mad cow brains tartare. Unless it's delicious, of course.

The Organizer will research the cuisine and, whenever possible, taste test the restaurant and select dishes that highlight a variety of cooking techniques and authentic flavors. Beware - spicy foods will be spicy.

Everyone has their kryptonite, but you are responsible for your own dietary restrictions, allergies, health and general welfare. Dinners will be family-style; everyone will pay an equal share of the final food bill. You will be responsible for paying for your own drinks and individual desserts.

Each dinner will be limited to one table. Please honor your RSVP. Stuff happens. Same day cancellations are acceptable, but abusers of the RSVP process will be dealt with severely or at least removed from the group.

An open mind with a robust sense of humor is appreciated, but please be respectful and courteous. Everyone is welcome once, but not everyone is welcome twice. Behave now.


Past events (78)

Indian Dinner at Chawla's 2

Chawla's 2

Chinese New Year Dinner at Chef Guo

Chef Guo

British Indian Curry Dinner at Dhaba


Afghan Dinner at Sami's Kabab House

Sami's Kabab House

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