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If you feel suffocated by meaningless superficial social interactions (sadly also known today as "life") then you're one of us! Feeling deprived of meaningful connections with people of substance - then you should definitely join. If you no longer have the patience for small talk, forced friendships, and feel like there is a lot on your mind but noone to share it with, you may have just found a delightful outlet for your mental energy. If you would rather discuss the meaning of life with a good friend at a coffee shop then getting jiggy at a club at the club, look no more! We realize that in order to change the world we first need to change our world. Often it all starts with connecting with people who vibrate on the same wavelength as you do. What are you passionate about? Climate change, social justice, national politics, religion, science, gun violence, racism - whatever it is, we welcome these topics at our round table. The issues we will discuss and debate are definitely not limited to the ones of global magnitude. Art, culture, history, health, love, sexuality, money, friendships, self-actualization, addiction, pursuit of happiness - there will definitely be a meetup for all these important matters. There are no restrictions on who can join - whether you're a liberal or conservative, christian, muslim or atheist, as long as you're able to hold a civilized discussion - you're welcome here!

Please keep in mind, if you RSVP and do not show up, you will be removed from the group.

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Learn Bitcoin Investing (The Smart Money) 4 - hour workshop

Four Points by Sheraton - Houston Gateway Plaza

Success & Failure Discussion


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