What we're about

What is Real Love Saskatoon about?  What is its purpose?

Learning about Unconditional Platonic Love.

This meetup group is about exploring and understanding how effective relationships work... and getting access to opportunities to practice what is learned in an effective way for anyone who chooses to do that.
The vast research that the non-profit organization called "Real Love" (RealLove.com) has done and compiled into a library of resources makes it simple to learn in a way that is tailored to whatever is appropriate to the learner.  There are paid resources for anyone who is interested in learning faster and has the ability to do so... but the basic resources necessary to learn are all available for free, so cost is not an obstacle.
The enormous amount of resources about Real Love that you'll see here all point to one simple fact... that Self-Truth builds permanent happiness. That's it. One simple thing. All the different resources are just a huge number of ways to explain the same thing. Many people say they are interested in "Truth"... but their behavior usually proves that they are more interested in the truth about OTHERS. Real Love proves with it's research that Truth about ourselves is what matters. It's easy to tell the truth about someone else... but that always builds UNhappiness. Telling the truth about ourselves builds permanent happiness. It's an extremely simple concept to understand... but the critical thing is being able to do it. Doing it takes practice... because most of us have learned hard lessons that telling the truth about ourselves... particularly about our flaws and mistakes... gets us into big trouble. After a few of these "hard lessons", there are not many people who wouldn't have learned to habitually NOT tell truth about themselves. The problem with this is that it's not really true... just because people treat us as inferior doesn't mean we ARE inferior, but if we are always surrounded by people who don't believe this, then we have no choice but to believe it as well. This kind of situation creates a habit which is difficult to undo... like any persistent habit, it takes time and practice. That is what a Real Love Group is all about... a safe place to practice changing this habit. The "theory" part of Real Love can be learned just by reading this paragraph. The application of it requires DOING it... in very small ways, if necessary.

What is Real Love?

Real Love is caring about the happiness of others without wanting anything in return.


Who should join this group?

• People who are dissatisfied and are confused about how to change that.
• People interested in understanding how human relationships work and learning how to build satisfying ones.

What can you expect of this group if you join it?

• Simple, clear and direct answers to problems that are typically considered confusing and mysterious.  Real Love is not complex.  It may not always be easy to apply... depending on what you learned about relationships up to this point... but the basic concept is simple, sound and easy to understand.
• A safe place to learn and practice.  The group will be moderated according to some basic rules that have simple, clear and natural consequences, which will be clearly posted and consistently applied.
• You will never be asked to do anything you do not want to do.  This group is not a business, religion or lobby group.  It is a "Club".  So... "Saskatoon Real Love Group" is a club that exists to help pool resources together for a common goal.  That being said, there are always resources that cost money which may need to be purchased in order to use them... just the same as if this was a "Model Plane Operators Club"... model planes, parts and maybe even training are not free.  This group is no more a profiteer of these resources than a Model Plane Club is a profiteer of model planes and model plane resources.  It will, however, serve as a hub for freely sharing knowledge and experience which can help individuals more effectively use paid resources if they choose.

What does this group expect of you if you join it?

You will be responsible for your own choices.  How you participate is up to you.  How much you get out of it is up to  you.

For a list of resources to use, see our Resources page:

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