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As a southern transplant and new mama in the Bay Area I've had a tough time finding other like minded families to connect with. When my son was born I began looking for new mom-friends. I needed someone to understand the struggles of nursing and postpartum depression while also celebrating the joy of your child growing into an awesome mini-person. I went to a large moms group, a smaller moms group, moms groups in Oakland and moms groups in Orinda. I passed out my number on the playground and at restaurants. It became an exhausting cycle of "mom-friend dating." Through the process I made a couple friends (seriously, they are great people) but never found the sense of community I've been hunting for. So I decided I'd shout out to the MeetUp world and see if there's any mama's that feel the same way. What I'm looking for are other real, flawed mama's that want to hangout during the week. I want real conversation, I want play dates (some planned in advance, some last minute), I want a night or day out with other mama's alone (at least) once a month. I want family outings, double dates, I want to play board games again and I want to talk about what TV shows I've been watching (hm well I need to start watching shows again to make that work..). I want to complain, celebrate, dance, eat and simply have fun with other women and their families. I want to support other families and I want to feel supported. So if you're looking to be apart of a group that's totally not figured out but looking for people to experience life with, let me know. We're here and we're ready to have fun.

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Real Mamas is a safe space where we do our best to uplift and honor one another, both online and in person. Our groups code of conduct has been set by MeetUp‘s Community Standards https://bit.ly/2tr2CfX :

Be welcoming. Cultivate a space where everyone feels safe to be themselves: a community driven by kindness — not bullying, trolling, or bigotry.

Be real. Act as you would act in real life: with integrity and authenticity.

Be impactul. Contribute to the discussion, and respect everyone’s time. What would you say if you were talking in person at a Meetup?

Be spirited. Show up with an openness to diverse perspectives and lively debate.

Be thoughtful. Challenge ideas, not people.

When joining Real Mamas please understand if the code of conduct is not up held immediate removal from the group will follow. Thank you for keeping our community a peaceful place!

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