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Hello New Yorkers! I think one of the toughest questions is what am gonna eat! Especially in New York where almost on every corner has a unique restaurant from different parts of the world which offers tasty and new cuisine . So, i thought about that group where we can try different cuisines not only in Manhattan and famous venues, but also in Brooklyn , Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. In this group,I guarantee you will discover new places you have not ever thought it is in New York ,like baked burgers in Park slope, ice bar in Manhattan, authentic southern BBQ in Williamsburg and irresistible soul food in Bronx .Let's go to Egypt,Ukraine, Vietnam and Japan.let's Explore Africa,Russia, UK without booking a ticket.Not only that, but in this group , we will try all kind of food! From fancy food to the best food trucks in the city. Guys, It's New York where all the ethnicities of the world are coming here with their traditions and customs to live and infuse in the American culture. It's capital of the world. All you need to give ourselves a chance to engage in this experience. All you need is putting on your friendly and great persona and devote some of your pocket money to try new dishes and meet new folks who could be your future friends. Moreover, with every event, I will write some information about the cuisine such as how Italian cuisine has developed , name of famous chefs who contributed to the world cuisine and hint about places where we will go. I just want to be cultural experience as much as savory one too 😄.Again, I guarantee you that we will discover new places, have friendly and warm discussion over delicious entrees and you will see New York in a different way. In Fact, you will see the real New York which you may not have known before.
NP: with every event i will write the best mean to pay at the venue we have event such as, if they accept all credit cards or not, Accepting cash and if there is reservation restrictions like we will not be seated till all RSVPs show up.( Please, RSVP when you are sure that you will come. I know sometimes something comes out of the blue could change all our plans. In that case, just change RSVP. RSVP important because i will know for sure the head count and according to that i will make the reservation or change it)
Meet you there guys 😃.

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