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Welcome to Real Property Investments Networking Group - Hamilton/Niagara.

We are Real Estate Investors and owners of "Real Property Investments", helping REAL people build REAL wealth through REAL Estate!

Real Property Investments Networking Group - Hamilton/Niagara, is here to help you increase your Real Estate Investment knowledge as well as your network so you can start building wealth TODAY!

Each month, we will have a 1 hour seminar featuring STAR guest speakers guaranteed to educate you on REAL trends, tips and topics about Real Estate Investing, keeping you current and providing you with an inside scoop about happenings in the industry as well as providing you with a supportive network of like minded people.

You will leave this event with REAL information providing you with the knowledge and support you need to move forward and take action.

Although these events are on-line, (due to COVID-19) we have teams of professionals of real estate experts across the US (and globe) that are available to assist you in your wealth building journey with active and passive real estate investment opportunities.

Bring your notepad and pen and be ready to start building wealth TODAY!

Meetings are held monthly

Let the education and networking begin!

PS Did you know Real Property Investments Networking Group - West is part of a global community?

We invite you to learn more about Real Property Investments at www.rpinvestments.ca (http://www.rpinvestments.ca/)

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Real Estate Investing Master Class - LIVE Q&A Session

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Are you ready to get started investing in real estate? Join us for this free information session
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Did you know that....

50% of people are living paycheck to paycheck
31% say they already don’t make enough to meet all their financial obligations.
32% of people between 45 and 64 are nearing retirement without any savings
25% of retired people are still in debt with mortgages and consumer debt
These statistics are shocking and we truly believe our entire population is in a crises!
Why do these statistics exist....especially amongst working professionals?

To make matters even worse, did you know ....

Hundreds of Thousands of people are stuck in the sandwich generation caring for their kids and parents, stretching not only their finances but their time!

The average university graduate finishes school with more than $26,000 in student debt and it takes them an average of 10 years to pay it off

Millions of Millennials are locked out of home ownership because of the rising home prices, debt loads and inability to save for a down payment.

Don't be a statistic!
It is time to take charge and start doing things differently!!!

Join us for this Free 60 minute training class where we will show you why Real Estate is the #1 wealth builder and how you can start building wealth today!

As Wealth Builders, we’ve become really good at what we do and have helped ourselves and over 1000 people across the globe take control of their investments and create freedom in their lives!

11 years ago, we knew we needed to build wealth and create freedom in our lives...and maybe some of these points will resonate with you:

"I needed to create extra income so I can be a stay at home parent"

"I was concerned with my retirement fund performance and was nervous of the next crash"

"I wanted more freedom and flexibility in my life"

"I wasn’t sure if my pension was still going to be there when it was my turn to retire"

"What would I do if I lost my job and how long could we survive on our income?"

"Inflation was outpacing my raise at work and we were falling behind on our debts"

"Sometimes I just wanted to take 1 extra vacation each year"

"How am I going to pay for the big ticket items in life.....having children, funding their education , retirement and caring for elderly parents?"

All of these were a concern but we faced a BIGGER problem.

We couldn’t find the answers we were looking for.

How could we do things differently?
And this is what we will be discussing at this FREE 60 minute seminar.

Friday September 24th, 12PM EST
In this class:

*We will share our story, our struggles and how we started

*We’ll show you 3 different ways you can start building wealth TODAY!

*We’ll share exactly how YOU can get started TODAY!

Register today for this on-line event before we are SOLD OUT!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Real Estate Investing Master Class - LIVE Q&A Session

Online event

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