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Free Workshop: Building real-world applications with React

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In this workshop we will build a working client-side application with React.js. The primary focus is:

• React best practices including when to use React lifecycle methods (

• State vs props

• Async data fetching with React

Course prerequisites and target audience

This course will be geared towards people with existing JS experience but who are relatively new to React.

All example code will be written using ES6 syntax. If you are not yet familiar with ES6 don’t worry, just have a look at the resources below before the course date to get yourself up to speed.

JavaScript beginners will not get much from the course because many of the topics covered assume existing knowledge of JS. Likewise, experienced developers who work with React in production will likely already be familiar with the fundamentals covered in this course.

Pre-workshop Resources

Here are three recommended resources to go through on your own before the course. Feel free to skip around as you see fit if you already know the material.

• Thinking in React. A good tutorial for anyone unfamiliar with React.

• 9 things every React beginner should know. Take it with a grain of salt, but it's a good intro to some common React best practices.

• ES6 Guide. A nice resource for anyone new to ES6. Only sections 1-5 recommended.

About the instructors

Berkeley Martinez

Berkeley is the CTO of, a free online community for learning full-stack web development. He has been programming with React since the early days of its release, and is the author of Thundercats.js, a Flux architecture implementation based on RxJS.

Ian Sinnott

Ian leads front-end development at TruSTAR Technology, a small security startup. Ian completely rewrote the company’s front-end applications using React and Flux. These rewrites have produced many benefits for both the company and the engineering team, including vastly improved performance, testability and maintainability. Ian learned many lessons while building these apps – including how to convince management it’s a good idea – and is excited to pass on his knowledge.

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