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Lets get together and learn from each other. Our network would like to focus on teaching people to build wealth, one property at at time. Because our parents are struggling to retire, and because Denver University is now over $50k a year in 2019, we would like to come together to find solutions. We welcome all professionals related to financial wellness, and will have a guest speaker and mixer each meet up. The investment groups we have attended either are free with no value, or are costly with little access. We will build together a group with value, with speakers that have built success in their own lives, to help each other prepare for the future.

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Get in the Game! Low Down Payment Real Estate Investing

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YES! You can build wealth by owning real estate, and yes, you can get started with little to no money down! Investing in real estate can help you generate life-long passive income and we will show you how. Join Atlas Real Estate Investment Specialists, Michael Bennett and Jennifer Reinhardt as they share their personal stories detailing how they got started and how you can do the same. We have lenders on hand to discuss your specific financing options and the various programs designed to help you get in the game. In this session we will answer your questions and show you how to invest in real estate with ZERO-3.5% down. The only prerequisite is a desire to learn and grow your passive income. We will teach you the rest, no strings attached - we have nothing to sell. We're just owners helping owners build real, sustainable wealth through real estate investing. We hope you will join us.

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Real Estate Investment Hour

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