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Welcome to therealestateroundup.com We are full time RE Investors. The organizer, Kris Haskins, has been flipping homes since 2004. The goal of this meetup is to raise your financial literacy through real estate investing and Entrepreneurship. Throughout the year we will be doing intense trainings on some of the fastest ways to get paid in real estate. We will be doing classes on:

-Real Estate Wholesaling

-Buying house using the "subject to" strategy

-Owner financing/Seller carryback

-Lease Options


-Using your IRA to invest in real estate (even if it only has a small amount of $)

-Using private lenders to fund your deals

-Working with Virtual Assistants

-Substittution of collateral note(HUGE)


-How to locate pre-foreclosure before they hit the newspaper

I hope to bring the most comprehensive real estate education to all that attend. thnx kris

visit www.therealestateroundup.com for more information on how to learn Real Estate Investing...

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