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Hello everyone! We will be starting our reading at the beginning of chapter 8. It's nice to be creating a safe, connected space together! Really grateful for all of you that have been coming and anyone who might decide to come. ♥ This is intended to be a safe place for everyone to come and be themselves, to take off the mask we normally wear for the rest of the world. A place where we will learn to connect with each other and enrich our lives in beautiful ways. If you are hesitant to attend, feel free to private message me and I'd be happy to answer any questions you have and even get you caught up to where we are. You are WORTH it, and you don't need to be afraid to reach out. That being said - if you are completely new and would like to come to this meeting, it is best if you have read up to the pages stated above. However, if you haven't gotten the book yet or don't have time to do the reading before this meeting, you can do one of two things (or both): 1. Watch this video where the author of Real Love, Greg Baer, talks about what Real Love is and goes over some basics. 2. Watch Greg's top ten at this link (shorter videos): These resources will give you an idea of what we're all about before you come to this meeting. Much love and looking forward to it! ♥

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Real Love has changed my life, and I want to share this with others.
It started as a book by Greg Baer. It is a set of principles which, if followed, leads to a deep sense of peace and connection in our lives.
As human beings, we all carry around varying degrees of emotional pain. This pain is much like an iceberg. We may see some of our pain, but usually there is a great deal beneath the surface which takes control of our lives more than we realize. It is impossible for us to be 100% of our true selves while we carry around all this pain.
Real Love is healing; it teaches us how to find unconditional love, how to open our hearts to it, how to feel confident in ourselves. . . . It does so much.
Unconditional love is the foundation of this universe; it is the one true principle. Real Love shows us how to apply this in our lives in an easy and practical way.
Thus far, this group has been functioning as a book study of the book Real Love by Greg Baer. We read from the book out loud and pause to share examples or ask questions. We learn about the principles together and talk about ways we can apply them in our lives. The end goal of this group is to develop a network of people who can love each other unconditionally, which adds to our lives in unimaginable ways.

This group is for all ages (16+) as well as men and women! All are welcome. ♥

On the website, there are great resources for reaching out and getting the love we need.

At this link ( there is a list of loving people you can talk to and their email addresses. Often people in the community are willing to connect free of charge and help us feel unconditionally loved. This is how we apply what we've been learning in group.

At this link ( is the information for the free real love conference calls. They are hosted by experienced real love coaches and are a great place to learn more about what real love looks like and to share and get loved. You are automatically muted when you dial in, and you can either listen to other people share or share yourself. I highly recommend tuning into these calls!!

Here is where you can buy the book on Amazon:

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