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“Real Love is a state of mind that you bring to every situation.” ~ Sara

Better Relationships with REAL Love! (see important note at the bottom)

It's not about a quick fix to get you that dream gal or guy… it's a different "way of being" in ALL your relationships. Is there a different way that can be more satisfying? Several of us would say YES.

Real Love is a group of people committed to trying something new! Tenets of Real Love:

• The key to any committed relationship is Real Love (unconditional love).

• Everyone can be more unconditionally loving and be so a higher percentage of the time.

• People are generally innocent and the Universe is a friendly place.

• We all make choices based on the options we see as available at the time.

You don’t have to agree with us to be a member. Books we read and authors we quote:

• Real Love and Real Love in Dating by Greg Baer

• Books by Byron Katie, including Loving What Is and 1000 Names for Joy

• Brene' Brown

• Marci Shimoff

• Marianne Williamson

...AND MORE books and authors...

What members are saying about Real Love:

“I can't seem to get enough, I wish we could meet up more often, but that's just me, I am retired with tons of free time to enjoy the company of the group.” – Joe
“Great group! Supportive, insightful, and accepting…” - Andrea
“I am listening more. Learning how to show up authentically. “ – Gayle
“Friendly people. “ – Marcia
“We had a great turn out! Good to see everyone!” – Nancy
“A really awesome group of people “ – Stacey
“Absolutely an amazing group of people.” – Kathleen
“Great meeting for learning and growing! Nice group of people! This meeting was empowering. What you believe you receive!!!” – Marta
“Thought provoking. Very nice and welcoming people. It was nice to meet all of you!” – Mari
“The Real Love group is full of fun people and I always have a really good time.” – Betty
“Thank you for the kind, loving, patience that you have shown.” – Gayle
“The meetings are giving me insight and the people are great.” – Marcia
“It is a great group of people. Truly a pleasure to be with.” – Janet

"This group has completely changed my life forever." - George

“The group is so welcoming. I look forward to going every time.” – Marsha

“I think this is a great group that offers some real love and support… thank you to all who love so unconditionally... and without judgments!” - Kristin

If you are looking for unconditional love in your life, then this group is for you!

IMPORTANT: You need to use YOUR BEST JUDGMENT regarding attendance at events during Coronavirus Pandemic. We cannot be sure about any venue's requirements nor can we know how attendees will act with regard to masks, social distancing, etc.

• Going out to be with friends during this pandemic, there is no guarantee that folks will be practicing safe distancing or wearing masks because we often go to eating and drinking places (can't eat with a mask on).

• We cannot be sure about their mask requirements or social distancing and we don't know about cover charges either (many venues will need to charge a cover even if they didn't do it a year ago).

• We want everyone to feel safe as they attend events. If you have any apprehension, it's best to stay at home until you feel completely safe.

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