What we're about

Who: Anyone who wants to create a real “Cashmere Mafia” or circle of friends as close as Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. (and who is tired of making only superficial connections via meetup)

You may be new to town and maybe wanting to make new set of friends or maybe you’ve been here for a while but never had the time or made the effort to do so.

What this group will be about:
About having a good time and establishing solid relationships.
As females, it generally may seem much easier to make male friends..but over time you’ll realize that know there’s always strings attached. Making female friends on the other hand requires you to put in a little more effort – but it is a relationship that can last (through marriages, divorces, good times, bad times)

Unless the venue is able to accommodate a large group comfortably, general meet ups will be small group of girls – 10 maximum, possibly less, depending on the event – so that we can actually spend time getting to know each other better. We will try to go beyond introduction of name, occupation & background at each meet up.

What we’ll do:
We may explore different ethnic foods that San Francisco has to offer (I’m personally done with fine dining – so it’ll generally be ethnic/wholesome good food – but never say never!)
We may go to a bar
We may have a house party
We may simply go out for a walk or a picnic
We may go out shopping
Will definitely plot and scheme to make each other more successful

Female (sorry no males allowed)
Fun, no drama, no pettiness
Interested in making girlfriends that may result in life long friendship
HAPPY! (I want to surround myself with people that are happy)

As members you are invited to suggest a meet up and even organize one – either through meet up (you can email me) or by directly getting in touch with the friends you make through our events. When suggesting an idea please follow the guideline as given in our discussion board here (https://www.meetup.com/RealSFGirlFriends/messages/boards/thread/10374964).

For most eating out events you will be required to bring cash so that we can settle the bill with one credit card.

Not everyone's going to get along - it's just fact of life. You are not going to like everyone you meet and not everyone's going to like you. There WILL BE people that will like you and that you'll want to hang out though. Some people simply gel better than others. It maybe their age, it maybe their interest, background etc. The point of this group is to get people interested in making friends and for them to find friends within the group that they meet outside of the group.

Once you join, you’ll be required to RSVP EVERY single event (it doesn’t matter whether it is YES or a NO – RSVP is required).
Repeated no shows, no RSVPs, inactive members, or members who don’t participate maybe removed at the organizer’s discretion.
Why? Because it is common courtesy to do the above and I want group of girls that are on the same line of thought.

Looking forward to some serious fun girlfriend time!

p.s. OH and you MUST have a clear profile picture in order to join this group. :)

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