What we're about

This group is for anyone who is interested in how to incorporate spiritual philosophies and practices into the real world. We have all seen someone who is connected yet they may not seem very grounded. We need one to access that connection and bring the connection down to the earth so we can make some profound steps forward in our lives as well as inward as that is where the magic happens.

Occasionally there will be classes and many times there will discussions hosted by myself and many guests who delve in the following:

Energy Work

Intuitive Coaching



Self Relationships


and an overarching theme of how to be "Spiritual" in each and every day whether you work as a counselor, a fashion model, a priest or for the IRS.

Spirituality is in each and every single thing that shows up in front of you. Maybe we just haven't been noticing what is divine right under our noses

This Groups previous name was the Phoenix Metaphysics Group and there will still be an overflow of ideas and ideals from that group. This group is about how to bring love, compassion and connection into ever step we take each day.

Have an amazing and blessed day!

Michael Anthony

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Intuitive Panel With Handwriting Analysis

New Vision Center for Spiritual Living

Intuitive Panel

New Vision Center for Spiritual Living

What Channel are you on? (Channeling Discussion)

Meeting Location: The Shrine of Holy Wisdom


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