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This group was set up to invite you to join my team when we are about to start or just finished a rehab in the Tampa/St. Pete area. We share our knowledge with new (and experienced) investors looking to learn more about real estate investing (rehabbing, wholesaling, marketing, funding, rentals). After rehabbing 100s of homes, and wholesaling 100s more, I figure if my team is going to be at the house anyway to plan or check on a rehab, we might as well use it as an opportunity to share and help others. Think of it as a way of "Paying it Forward". If you don't know what the means, you need to watch the movie. :-)

One thing that makes this Meetup unique is that I'm not holding it in some hotel ballroom where I plan on selling you a bunch of courses in the back. I'm not holding it at some restaurant where I'm going to make you pay $20 and buy a dinner. This Meetup is FREE and I'm holding these ON-SITE homes we are about to renovate or just finished renovating. Yep... I really do still do deals (although sometimes from 1000s of miles away). So if you want to actually see (and smell) a true rehab and ask someone that has completed wholesale and rehab deals ANYTHING YOU WANT (yes, you can even ask me my age and weight if you are so bold)... come on out!!

Because these Meetups are at an actual house we just bought, I can't give you much notice of the events (unless you plan on paying my holding cost for having the house sit until the meeting!!). I can tell you 95% of the time they will be held at 12:30, and typically on a Friday (sometimes Thursday). Perfect opportunity for you to start off your work day not feeling so hot, and then asking your boss if you can take off the rest of the day before you puke on your desk. That will give you the perfect excuse to leave that dead end job you hate anyways. Or maybe you are an agent that hates working for 6% "tips" while investors are making BIG MONEY on "flips". Either way, come on out. We'd love to meet you!

Sign up now and I hope personally meet you at some point!

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