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RecSys Berlin - 5th Event - hosted by Bonial

RecSys Berlin - 5th Event - hosted by Bonial


NB: please come to the fifth floor!

Bibblio is proud to announce it's organising its fifth RecSys Berlin Event, kindly hosted by Bonial on Tuesday 28 May.

PLACE: Bonial International GmbH, Hussitenstraße 32-33, 13355 Berlin, Germany


NB: Would you like to invite a guest? Please have them become a member and RSVP!

THEME: Recommender Systems

• 18:30u | Networking, food and drinks

• 19:00u | Intro by Bonial

• 19:10u | Talk by Philipp Johannis (Head of Business Intelligence at Bonial) - 'How to show more relevant offers and improve consumer engagement' + Q&A

• 19:40u | Networking and drinks

• 20:05u | Talk by Michael Brehm (Founder & Managing Director at i2x) - 'Will automation put us all out of jobs?' + Q&A
Hussitenstraße 32-33
Hussitenstraße 32-33 · Berlin, BE
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