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Peter Sudak started this group after realizing that it's not as easy to meet people and build a social circle as it was in college. No more dorms, no more school parties, no more classes together. Now it seems like most social circles consist of neighbors, old friends from college, and coworkers. This group was created as way to get newcomers and locals from all around the South Bay mingling, meeting multitude of cool new people, and building a great social circle. The only guideline for joining the group are you live in the South Bay and in your 20s (as of 2017).

Currently the group is run in a joint effort by Jacob Kranz, Sam Konowitch, and Charlie Sanders. Sam organizes most of the social events, Charlie runs our weekly volleyball games and Jacob acts as our Admin, helps handling rules enforcement and pays the bills.

Speaking of rules, we have a few simple, common sense guidelines.

First and foremost this is a social group for making friends and having a good time.

People who are creepy, rude, aggressive, or put off bad vibes will be removed. We are here to meet new friends, not pick up chicks, belittle others, or make new members feel unwelcome. Things happen between friends from time to time, but this isn't Tinder IRL or a speed dating group (although we may have an event like that 🤷‍♂️).
Examples of other bad behavior:
Getting into heated arguments with others, making others feel unsafe, and any type of harassment.

Second rule is a word on promotion through the group. We are not a Craigslist page!

If you are an active member and show up to events often, feel free to post opportunities/events you think will be beneficial to others in the group. We won't promote you if we don't know you. If you have questions, message the leadership team.

Side note, check out our founder Peter's business Happy Artists.

These rules should be common sense, but you'd be surprised. If it's one of us leaders giving you trouble, do not hesitate contacting one of the others on the team. We don't tolerate it and will call each other out when necessary but let's just have fun and get along!

Please come say hi to one of us on the leadership team anytime you make it to an event. We'll make sure to introduce you to all the others.

We have a supplementary FB page where we post the majority of our events & activities. FB makes organizing & communicating with members a lot easier. We do our best to keep meetup up to date, but occasionally things fall through the cracks. While not mandatory, please join the FB page when joining the group.

Check out our Instagram account: @southbay20s_meetup
If you are at an event or impromptu gathering, feel free to share a photo/video with on Google photos. We'll review and post it. (Suggest a caption in the comments)


- Jacob, Sam and Charlie

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