Canceled Meetup

Indoor Rock Climbing (Wolverhampton)

Price: £20.00 /per person

Location visible to members


After how well the first "Rock Climbing MeetUp" was, I decided to make this a regular event.

Info for all those that have come before (!!PLEASE READ!!):

Instead of RSVPing in the normal way would anyone who has come before or is an experienced climber not wanting to do the introductory session, please could you just leave a comment saying your coming and I will add one to the Max RSVP count and add you as an extra +1 of my own RSVP.

This is to leave the spaces free for the RSVPS of new people who want to do an introductory session like we did last time.

As you may know induction included a years membership, kit hire, "instructed introduction" session to teach climbing basics and a "free climbimbing" session after the instructed session.

Therefor the next time you come you only have to pay (£10 - £13 Per Person) because you only need the following:

• Climbing admission for free climbing (Adult)(£7.00 Per Person)

• Kit Hire - Harness (£2.00 Per Person)

• Kit Hire - Karabiner (£1.00 Per Pair)

• Kit Hire - Belay Device (£1.00 Per Pair)

• Optional Kit Hire - Climbing Shoes (£3.00 Per Person)


Important Note to Everyone:

I donnot require any money from people who have already done the introductory session as you can just pay on the day the same way you would if you went swimming.

This is not the case for the people wanting to do the introduction session as I only booked it last time because 3 of the members actually got money to me in advance to allow me to put the deposit down and get it booked. (See the "Charging for This Meetup" section for more information)


Info for those new to climbing and that would like to do an inducted session like the first group did:

I am willing to book the an induction session on the behalf of any people who wants one (see below for all the information on this in the "Original Event Details").

Unfortunately, as stated above, I have to pay a deposit and book the appropriate number of instructors so I require being paid for this in advance of booking.

There is two parts to the evening for the instructed session:

• 1 hour instructed induction to learn climbing basics

• 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes of free climbing (just due to the fact you WILL be tired after two and a half hours though you could stay longer if you wished)

So at first I will get you all sorted with registeration. Then leave you in the very capable hands of the instructors for the first hour in your little group of new climbers. Then after that, you can come meet up and mingle/climb with the rest of us who will just be doing 2 hours and a half of free climbing without instuctors.

They do the instructed induction in groups of 2 to 5 people per instructor so i need a minimum of two people interested in this to pay me before and I will book a session for you. cheers

Original Event Details:

I thought it would be good to do a Rock climbing event as it was always something I enjoyed doing at uni but haven't really done for years. As I'm rusty and I'm sure there will be people who have never done it before but would like to start, I thought the best thing to do was book a group instructed induction session to start us off.

Loose fitting clothing should be worn such as shorts and t-shirts etc. Climbing in jeans is NOT recommended :).

What you get for the standard £20 induction.

- One years membership (normally £6)

-All kit hire. Except climbing shoes which is £3 extra but not necessarily needed as trainers will be fine for beginner walls (which have decent sized holds).

-One hour of taught induction which covers all the basics (e.g. tieing in with the correct knot, learning how to belay and general basic climbing tips)

-After the first hour and the instructors deem you are safe to do so, we can carry on climbing in pairs taking turns belaying and climbing or you can do boldering in the matted area which doesn't require belaying. The choice is up to you.

I suggested the end time of 9:00 pm as after two hours of climbing most including myself will be pretty tired. At 9:00/9:30 I'll act as a shuttle to the train station for people catching a train anyone who wants to stay and climb longer would be free to do so.